Monday, October 28, 2013

An Autumn Ornament

I love this time of year... I love the pumpkins, colorful leaves and cooling down of the temperature. I love bats, spiders, the moon and the color orange. I think this is why I am drawn to many of the Halloween designs / patterns.  Do you remember I stitched up "Autumn Witch"? (the design is by Maja over at 'The Snowflower Diaries')  I fell in love with the pumpkin riding on the back of the witch's broom.  ... And do you remember me telling you there was going to be an ornament finishing class at my LQS?!   Well, it was wonderful!  I learned so much and had a blast with my girlfriends.   And here she is... my little witch and her sweet little pumpkin made into the cutest little ornament. photo f4fd36d1-a512-4b01-a273-e02cbe95bee2_zps6385fae4.jpg

I am so pleased with how she / it turned out.It makes me want to stitch up tons of 'smalls' so I can make lots of ornaments.

 photo b95030fa-15c7-4e07-8de9-bd94c4d81239_zps4f378ae5.jpg

~~ here is a group shot... Aren't they great!  photo 90cde660-8535-4423-9606-199250e9f69f_zpsd9fcb0cd.jpg There is another finishing class coming up to make your piece into a I need to get stitching. I think once I finish my 'Mary's Sampler', the cube would make a great finish for it.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Two photos from this week that I love... My children in the pumpkin patch hunting for pumpkins. photo 5d4ce63f-28c8-429b-aefb-aa303884939b_zpse8f3d529.jpg
( my son, daughter and my daughter's boyfriend)

And the geese crossing the road as we head out for the evening...

 photo 4c2afc82-13b9-449f-8adb-8371bf4e9d73_zpsc16ed289.jpg
(I'm in love)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Loving October

 photo 09440ead-f878-4aff-a333-373bcaeeb7fe_zpsbfda9cb6.jpg I got my Ghoul Tidings up by the beginning of October. I found this frame in the sale pile at Micheal's and thought it would do. It was a little too big so I added some ric rac and Halloween fabric that Barb from The Wicked Stitcher sent me. Vonna from the Twisted Stitcher (both of these ladies are amazingly talented and sweet) messaged me about trying another finish but I was too scared. I am hoping to improve my finishing skills one day. My local quilt shop is having a few classes on finishing techniques and one of them is at the end of this week... I am so excited! ~~~Here is a peak at week 4 of Mary's Sampler ... photo 3c84cc07-41e6-4a09-8c39-05cf692b1028_zps532bba0c.jpg The design is from Plum Street Samplers and can be found on her blog.  I am doing both Sampler I and II.   I do love stitching this little bits every week!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Busy busy busy... that's what I've been.
Here is a photo of 'Gingerbread Emporium". I haven't stitched the french knots yet (which will really be colonial knots because I think they're easier to make) teehee hee.
 photo b3e3886c-2c14-4746-9232-dcb1494fed6c_zpsb89c87c9.jpg

I'm trying to take a little break from my Santa's Village so I can stitch up some Christmas gifts but it keeps calling out to me to work on it.
I started Plum Street Sampler's new mystery SAL, Mary's Sampler.
You can find the free patterns over on Paulette's blog.
There are two versions... I'm stitching both.
 photo f2e774d1-1227-4379-85ea-d01d286b7edd_zps970b8449.jpg

I am stitching them on 40ct Natural linen.
My Thanksgiving table runner has grow a little bit. I'm not using a pattern, just 'winging it' and I have found that I over think things too much. Although I am in love with it so far... I can only work on it for an hour or two at a time then I have to walk away.
 photo 0b5d2886-2c5c-4857-aa89-b91104fbb435_zps7c6d2e05.jpg
  My mind wants to exploded because I'm thinking and rethinking about placement, colors, value ,patterns,  and then I found these cute chipmunks and mushrooms in my stash...
 photo 250545e9-c0d4-45a9-8a68-7c205860196f_zps1fb093fa.jpg

and they had to go in my runner. I watch my chipmunk, Alvin almost everyday and I am very Thankful for him!
Fingers crossed I can finish my table runner by November! Or at least the top of it. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Thank you Wicked Stitcher

Have you ever been over to the Wicked Stitcher's blog? I love her blog, it's one of my favorite stitching blogs. Recently, she (Barb) had a 'start of Fall, Halloween give-away'.... and guess who won... me.  The winner got to choose a design from the PS Boo Moon charts.  I chose the bat. The first time I saw this design I fell in love with the bat. photo cf91e164-65ee-49f8-97fd-007052501bde_zps55b5cbb9.jpg Barb stitched up this sweet bat for me and did the finished ornament herself. I am in love!! But wait there's more... she gave me oodles of things to go along with her Halloween theme. She gave me charts, fabrics, the cutest pair of spider web scissors, threads,buttons and trim. Can I just say she spoiled me rotten.  photo 392d9fc7-9fb4-40a8-8268-ed602850f68f_zpsa8c23172.jpg I wish I could give her a huge hug. Thank you so much Barb for being so generous and wonderful. I will treasure my bat forever and think of you every time I use my spooky spider web scissors. Teehee hee ~~ Please go check out Barb's blog,'Witched Stitcher', you will love it too.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Behind Evinrude

I actually sat down behind of my sewing machine , aka: Evinrude, and made a little progress on two WIPs that have been sitting around for awhile. Last year I had my family list a few things they were grateful for. I wrote them on muslin and embroidered each one. My plan was to make a Thanksgiving table runner for last year.. I'm now hoping to have it done by this year... photo DSC_6042_zpsbb172e2d.jpg Here are some of the embroidered blocks... photo 2c1d454a-f8b9-418f-b132-401a7f2afaff_zpscf8ee8e1.jpg ~~~  photo 23e251bb-ea83-4085-9ba0-d19a861d72a3_zpsa598e712.jpg ~~~ One of my daughter's...  photo 6949407a-066c-4050-a10c-6ad686dcc23e_zps55dffcb4.jpg You can tell the top block in this picture is what my husband is grateful for... photo f37b6a02-9a99-4dea-a76e-893aedee619c_zps6494891b.jpg I also worked a little bit on my 'Farmer's Wife' quilt blocks... I stitched up these two blocks. (#27 and #32) photo db5d7d43-f76d-4b84-8934-c66166daca60_zps245695d9.jpg Here is what I have so far... photo ee3ca56e-079d-47fe-a245-61b26bf8885e_zps9fc74088.jpg  The colors are a gray green and were inspired by a tree I pass by almost everyday... if I leave the house of coarse. LOL ~~~ As for Evinrude, he is my sewing machine. I named him that after the little dragonfly from 'The Rescuers'. If you've never seen it, you should... such a sweet movie.