Monday, July 25, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What to do when the family goes out in the Canoe?

SEW! So the hubs asked " who wants to go out in the canoe?" It is 100 degrees outside. I would usually like to go out in the canoe, but not this time. So he and kids went and I got to stay home and sew. Happy happy Joy joy! I got block 13, 'Buckwheat' (the top block) and block 14, ' Butterfly at the Crossroads'. done.

Some people were having some trouble with block 14 not matching up. I didn't have any problems with it, but if you are doing the Farmer's Wife Quilt-along the piece #35 in block 14 is a little off. But I made it work. Everything came together fine.

I have finished stitching up spider webs on my "Stashbusters" Halloween quilt top. You can see I've started to add a small inside black boarder.

I believe I want to make this for the outside boarder. In the same off white and scrappy oranges. We'll see though, I want this to be done by Halloween so I may just chicken out and put a solide orange boarder for the outside.

What I am thinking..... we got this cute mushroom fabric in (with an orange background) the shop the other day and I am thinking I may want to make a top out of it. ( sorry for the sideways photo). I haven't bought the fabric or the pattern yet. Just still thinking about it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Through the Garden Gate (lots of photos)

Warning: this post is not sewing related and has lots of photos. I love this shop, Through the Garden Gate. I don't get there much, only about once every 6 months. It is in Mechanicsville, Va and has an antique store attached to it. The picture below is only about 1/4 of the store.

I went there today to get a new lawn ornament, a daisy or black eyed Susan which I didn't find, but I did find my Nana a birthday gift for September. I also found LOTS of other things I wanted to buy so much, but didn't. Look at this sweet treasure box, Oh my son would love to put his little treasures in here. $16.50

I am the type of person who usually buys what she needs and not what she wants. I just take photos of the things I want and dream about them. Here is a really cute fly swatter holder, this bad boy $18.95.

My bus loving friends will love this one. A bus bag. $54.

I don't know if you know this , but I love frogs. Here is a cute antique pull frog for $32.

My husband's uncle use to make wooden toys like this, we still have a few. I just love them. Here is a wooden WWII plane for $39.

The Singer, $325.

An old embroidery, so sweet. I don't remember the price, but it wasn't free so I didn't take it home.

There were a few old pin cushions. I collect them, but didn't take any home today.

Oh I wanted to take these home so bad. Old Mushroom mugs, a set of 4. $34. They would be so cute in my kitchen.

And these....Love them so much. The daisy glasses, set of 4, $15. I'm a daisy freak. "Daisies are the friendliest flower"~from You've Got Mail.

"Life's too short to fold fitted sheets" true. :o)

Sorry this post it 'everywhere'. But if you ever get a chance and / or are driving on 295 through Mechanicsville, stop by Through the Garden Gate, you'll love it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Broken Dishes and Sugar Bowl

The next two blocks in my Farmer's Wife Quilt A-Long are Broken Dishes (block 11) and Broken Sugar Bowl (block 12). Here is the inspirational tree I am going by for my color scheme.

The top block is Broken Dishes and the bottom is Broken Sugar Bowl. Broken Dishes doesn't have much contrast but I love it. It is the same colors that are in 'my' tree.

A tiny prOgress on Wall-E.

I didn't take a picture of block 14, but from what people are saying on Flickr in the 'FWQAL' group is that it is a bear to make. It seems a lot of people's aren't coming out right. So we'll see.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

bags and blocks

I took the "Cash & Carry" class the other day with Phoebe at Quilting Adventures. And I'll have to say that these little bags are fun to make.

I've now made 4.

Block 9 , the "Box" has been the easiest block to make so far in the Farmer's Wife quilt a-long. And Block 10, the "Bowtie".

All together now......

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PrOgress Wednesday

Home from camping... and had a wonderful time. ( teehee we get to go again in 3 weeks)

I got the tent put away so I could reach my sewing machine and finished the next 2 blocks on my Farmer's wife quilt. Remember block #7 , 'Birds in the Air', the one with 40 pieces....well it wasn't that bad to stitch up. And I think it turned out really cute. Block #8 (the top one), is called 'Bouquet'.

All together.... The next two blocks look pretty easy, yeah!

PrOgress on my candlemat.... turning out so cute. I stitched on it some while watch "America's Got Talent" last night.

~~Happy stitching