Thursday, March 27, 2014

Loving Every Stitch

Here is the progress I've made on 'She Feeds Them Well'
I've loved every single stitch.
 photo 4f9ba85f-8944-4147-a720-05a225cabbd0_zpsb7b35803.jpg

I've changed some floss colors. The shirt is one of them, it was supposed to be stripped blue and a cream color, but I love the color brown and wear it often so I changed it.
Also... I'm having to stitch a new (for me) stitch called the 'tent stitch'. It's called for a couple of times in this pattern and I'm still not sure I'm doing it correct but it seems to look ok.
 photo 4cb7261c-8ca3-4c3c-8469-75ce95b8ba4f_zps3e0a8441.jpg

You can see in this photo I've used the 'tent stitch' in the n , d , h and o.  It would probably be an easier stitch if I wasn't doing it on 40ct.  It is seriously testing my eye sight. lol

Frog and Toad update..
I am slowly cutting out frogs and toads to be sewn.
 photo cbe237a6-527f-479d-80fd-b9a40bd61e8d_zpsd296f994.jpg
I think I may be up to 24 finished ones now.
I may try to sew these little guys up tomorrow... that will give me 31. :)

Just for fun ~ Throw Back Thursday
 photo bf329820-67d5-4c96-98dc-d578499f2cc1_zpsf97f2663.jpg

I found this old photo from 18 years ago... me stitching.  I still stitch in the same place (not that bed but in bed)  and I still use that exact same hoop.  LOL

Happy stitching! Where do you stitch at??

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Snowy Friends

Snowy Friends
#4 in the "Frosty Forest" series.
 photo 43f4678a-ae15-43ee-af7b-10fea8fdaf9c_zpsb8ced5aa.jpg
I'm still loving this series so much. Next months block is called 'Bluebird Cabin'.... perfect!

  photo 590275ea-bdfb-46d0-b8af-feefee8289b2_zps5d037b54.jpg

Designer is Country Cottage Needleworks.

I don't think I've shown my new start. I started it a week or two ago... I was itching to stitch birds.
It is 'She Feeds Them Well' by The Scarlett House.

 photo f22bd88b-db03-4f8d-81e7-f93a4888cc76_zpsf4ad5ac2.jpg

I have changed the floss for the grass from a GA Chamomile to a WDW Moss. In hopes that Spring would come soon and I would once again see beautiful bright green grass.
No such luck yet... we got snow again yesterday.

My sweet chipmunk Alvin popped out to see me on Saturday before the snow. I loaded him up with food and warned him about the weather that was coming.

 photo 9eecdde1-fbe5-4be4-8097-6ea2a0530e49_zps90e8572c.jpg

Oh Spring, please hurry up and get here.
Happy stitching.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


In my hoop~ Frost Forest #4
I'm excited about stitching the squirrel, acorns and the rabbit (already stitched). 
The trees in this one make me smile too.

Sewn~ Some drink coasters for a friend.
He owns a VW bus and camps with us and he has a little chihuahua too.
Ignore the chihuahua hair all over the chair in the background. This IS my chihuahua's chair and I was in a hurry when I took the photo.  I wanted to gets these cute little coasters mailed off to TN as soon as possible.
My friend is also a veterinarian so he won't mind the added dog hair. 

In my backyard~ Hahaha, not really. But this incredibly cool vulture was about 2 streets over.
I took my son to snowboard on a big hill down the road and while watching him, I spotted two vultures.
I love them.

I've been looking for a cross stitch pattern with vultures in it. If you know of one, I'd love to hear what it is.
I did purchase ' Away We Ride' by Blackbird Designs thinking I could change the three crow looking birds in it to look more like vultures.

Happy stitching!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Stitching, Adventure and Amphibians

So much has been going on that I've had little time to stitch.
I did have a chance to stitch a 'staff challenge' piece... twice.
First off, let me tell you just in case you're  near Richmond, Va this coming weekend...
Quilting Adventures is having 2 Virginia cross stitch designers coming for an Open House!
It's March 8th, 10am to 3pm 
Here's the link: Open House
We are having a cross stitch 'staff challenge' for the Open House...
I ended up stitching it twice because I love stitching with just one strand of floss (right) but you really can't see the variegation in the thread because the linen count is so low (30 ct).  I stitched it again (left) using two strands of floss and can see the variegation much better.

 photo 1ad1f075-a925-4c67-9186-be10465063d6_zps947211e7.jpg

I am going to try to make a floss tag using Vonna ~ The Twisted Stitcher's tutorial.
Fingers crossed!  I love stitching but the finishing part always scares me. 

 photo ac8fefdb-22d9-48f8-934b-7adbc11d496f_zps736c4aaa.jpg

A new start... 'She Feeds them Well',  designed by Scarlett House

 photo 42f73488-fec5-46db-af2e-297f74561f79_zps7348b8bd.jpg

I can't wait to stitch all those birds.
Last week we took the kids on an adventure.
We went to the Falls in DuPont State Park, NC , we went to the Georgia Aquarium  and then went to Stone Mountain  which is right outside of Atlanta , Ga.
 photo 7e284a19-b8b8-4e6b-97de-993ad239d82b_zps4538823d.jpg

It was all so wonderful! ~  Spending time with the family was wonderful too! I just can't get enough of them.

Last week I also took a  FrogWatch class.  Talk about fun!!  We got to listen to and learn the 19 frog and toad calls in and around my area... Virginia.
The calls are amazing. Frogs and toads are declining in some areas and these cute little critters are very important. Plus they're adorable and I don't want them to disappear.
Once I learn my croaks, I can register and start logging in the frogs and toads I hear.

 photo f24c1940-5564-4589-ba3e-19322c31d9b3_zpsfe0e81a9.jpg

This is a photo of  'Puff the magic Toad'. She is at Maymont where I took my FrogWatch class.
I'm in love!