Friday, April 24, 2009

camping freak

What a cute snake pattern, I can't wait to start making him for my son who is so into ' Indiana Jones'. And loves snakes. But I have so many other projects going on right now , it will be a few weeks or months till I can get to him.

I begged my boss to buy this fabric for the shop. ( Quilting Adventures) Most of you know I am a camping freak. We camping about once or twice a month from April to Nov. very year. I LOVE this fabric. And I can't wait to do all kinds of things this with it.
This is how far I have gotten on Jonah's teacher's quilt. She sent me a photo of her self so I can put "teacher what do you see?" on it. :o)
I'll be on vacation/ holiday for a week start tomorrow. Happy sewing to you all. I will miss my sewing machine while I am gone.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bloggers quilt show

site for the bloggers quilt festival is at Park City Girl. This is still my favorite quilt I have made so far. It's the 'chubby chicks' quilt.

Friday, April 17, 2009

cutting daisies

We are doing a Challenge quilt at work, Quilting Adventures. I am using this book, 'Quilting for Joy'.
Here is what I 've done so far. I have been cutting out daisies all week and have a lot more to go. I haven't even fused them on yet. Then I need to sew them down. I have stop all other projects so I can get this quilt top done and ......
Jonah's teacher's wall hanging quilt done by June. This is as far as I am with it. Haha. Not very far.
I will need to make my row by the end of May for the 'row robin' I am in, but I am waiting for some very cute camper fabric to come in at work. :o)

We are leaving in a few minutes to go camping this weekend. The weather is suppose to be wonderful. So no sewing will get done this weekend. Have a great weekend yourself.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I finished my cute little stitchery from Bareroots. I put batting and a backing on it so it's a little quilt. I am going to hang it on my sewing room wall. And it says "SEWING". Although that 'W' really doesn't look like a 'W'.

Park City Girl , is having a Blogger's quilt festival. Hope over to her blog and read about it. It sounds really fun. It will be April 17 - 24th.

I'll be sending off my siggy blocks this week. Working on finishing up my tiny trailer quilt. And starting a new quilt top for a work challenge. The work challenge quilt top needs to be done by June. So I have to get my tail in gear. Oh I also need to start my son's school teacher's end of the year quilt and start my row for a row robin I am in. goodness, goodness I need to get sewing. :o)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I've been out of town.

Hubby and I drove to Ohio from Virginia to pick up my new toy, my teardrop trailer. We were gone for 2 days. I saw a bunch of quilts ( not real quilts) hanging on barns but this one is the only one I could get a photo of.

Here she is in our back yard, My daughter named her "squirt" after the turtle in Nemo. We are going to paint her to look more vintage. Hubby and I camped in her on the way home from Ohio. We actually parked in a Wal-mart parking lot and stayed the night. :o) But we slept great.
The day after I got back from Ohio, I drove to NC. A 6 hour drive to go visit my in-laws. Who are the sweetest people you'll ever meet. I just love them to death. We visited this waterfall while we were out there. It is only 10 minutes from their house. This is a photo of the cousins / grand children together oldest to youngest.
Here in the waterfall with my son, Jonah at the base of it. It was awesome. I just love nature.
No sewing this week. Just traveling. I didn't even hand sew in the car. I was too busy looking at all the sights. Have a great rest of the week. Happy sewing.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

ears and legs

My baseballs grew ears and legs overnight. :o)

A little snap shot of the spider web progress.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy as a Beaver.

Here is how far I have come along on my "sewing" stitchery.

Today... Cheryl and I got together and sewed. She is working on a quilt . I was working on PJ pants and my kitchen curtains finally. Here are my son's new PJ pants.
And one curtain in my kitchen. Please ignore the backyard, that is my husbands area and it looks like a junk car yard. I haven't hung the other curtain up yet because hubby has to hang the rod for me first.
Here is something new I am working on. They look like baseballs but they aren't. I am not going to tell you what they are yet. They are much brighter in person, the photo is dulling them out.
Joyce, if you read this.... This one isn't the shop sample unless you want it to be.