Thursday, April 28, 2011

prOgress on stitching

I've made some prOgress on my 'flower quilt'. I put the big O in prOgress because I like how Mary Poppins says it. You can't see the stitching from this shot and the sweet flower patterns are what makes this quilt. These are the last 3 blocks I stitched up. The middle rows aren't stitched yet.

I love this rose / daisy pattern. It's one of my many favorites in this quilt.

Another stitching WIP is the cross stitch "All we are saying is give peace a chance". I've only worked on this a tiny bit. So I haven't gotten very far.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cross stitch magazine

I first saw this magazine on the blog "Feeling stitchy". They were posting about the cute cross stitch pattern for the Royal Wedding. But the VW bus and beetle is what catch my eye. ( of course ) Here is a close up of them. Aren't they cute? And the little camper trailer being pulled by the beetle. Love it.

So I went out and bought the magazine and to my surprise....... the whole magazine is cute. I love this one too, the hanging pockets thingy. This would be really cute made up with the bus and beetle stitched on it and hanging in my kitchen.

Another cute little pattern stitched up. I don't think this pattern was in this issue, but a previous one.

They made the "Hippy Holidays" pattern up and turned it into an adorable pillow. I am hoping I will get to this pattern soon. I love the little bike too.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cute needle book

I think it's pretty cute anyway. I had a wonderful needle book and I use it so much. It is with me all the time, so I wanted to make a new one that had some of my favorite things on it. And made with some of my favorite fabrics. You all know that one of my favorite things is our VW bus that we camp in. So I added the orange bus. Orange being one of my favorite colors.

I love everything about campfires. I hand embroidered this sweet campfire, pattern from Bareroots. One of my favorite smells is campfire. I love the heat from a campfire and to see the different colors of orange/yellow/red/ and blue they make. I also love the sound of a campfire popping.

And the daisy fabric is my all time favorite fabrics. I only have 2 fat quarters of it, so I've been hoarding those pieces wondering what I would do with them. Now I have some on my needle book that I see almost everyday. Did you guess that the white daisy is my favorite flower?

Here is the back of my needle book. I LOVE this yellow fabric. I have enough of it I may make myself a Spring skirt out of it too.
I've stitched up my name so I don't forget who I am. LOL I love outerspace, so I've stitched up some stars around my name.
And my two favorite animals...the frog and chihuahua. This is my little chihuahua ,Basil, barking at a frog.
The inside of my needle book has a bunch on my favorite fabrics in it. The one with the little orange/red tents came from Paris. My girl friend, Chesley, went to Paris last year and brought it back for me for Christmas. She knows I am a camp love girl.
So here it is my cute "favorite things" needle book. P.S. these are just a few of my favorite things. :o)
In other news.... I am still stitching on the "flower" quilt. And loving it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mini QT Swap 3D

I was in the Mini QT Swap again and this time the theme was "3D". The last Mini QT Swap I was in the theme was "Take Flight". Look at my sweet VW Bus mini I received from my partner Bahamadawn. She pegged me pretty good. LOL She also has a love for VW buses so she had a lot of fun making my mini and a hard time giving it up. I will treasure it and it will hang on my kitchen wall with my other camping and VW quilts.

Here in the 3D mini quilt I sent to bahamadawn. It is a mermaid sleeping and dreaming of all her favorite things. This are really bahamadawn's favorite things. :o)

Some on the 3D things I added to the quilt are the button crab and the sequins on the mermaid's tail. Here is another good full picture of it in my flickr group.
I love these mini QT swaps. The quilts are so easy and quick to make. But I didn't sign up for the next one. :o( I am just too busy this next month so I had to skip it. The theme is circles this time, head over to flickr and check it out. I am hoping to sign up for the next round though, theme not know yet.