Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Stitching and BackYard World

I haven't quite finished my block #10 from Santa's village.I still have a star and some snowflakes to stitch.. ~~  photo b87ecb32-7bce-4276-8be5-fbb89b982bfc_zps2d43bb42.jpg   But I had to stop stitching on SV because September came and the weather got 'fall' like.I just needed to stitch something Fall. I had been 'eye-balling' Plum Street Sampler's 'Halloweenie' for awhile...and I finally started it.~~ photo 5229ba7e-3674-4734-a78e-ded4261a5cb2_zpsd0aa68ba.jpg And can I tell you I can not wait to stitch those dogs! Adorable!   ~~ I don't think I've shown my 'And a Forest Grew' in awhile... I do try to stitch on it every now and then. This pattern / design has been wonderful to stitch. Every little tree and creature are different so it makes it so fun. photo 681478ae-fe80-41b2-babc-59287c0c81a4_zpsa86144e3.jpg Here's another look, but closer so you can see some details... photo 371f75ea-6d54-4a33-b7d5-abc32a406c4a_zps53f80e57.jpg Lastly in my Stitching World, I've been trying to find frames for these two...'Song of the Season's' and 'Ghoul Tidings'. I have been trying to hit our thrift store once a week but not luck yet.  photo d8a4ea3a-d377-4325-a55e-912a42061bc7_zps6a89d1e2.jpg I would love to find a cool ornate frame for my Ghoul Tidings before October starts. So far I either find ones that are too plain, too big or too small. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In my BackYard World, we have a chipmunk who my husband has now named Alvin. Here is Alvin stealing bird food from my bird feeder... photo 25c56388-c490-419f-9e85-dcb19f9bcd4d_zps6fc2cf41.jpg And here he is drinking from our little waterfall... photo e26b34fc-0d0f-42d3-9e0f-457746cbf51e_zpseb5b9327.jpg It's he adorable?!


Barb said...

Alvin is such a bad boy. All your WIPS are great! I am working fast to get your package done and in the mail by the 1st!!!

Manuela said...

All your works are so beautiful.

Greetings, Manuela

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Amy your stitching is perfection. Since your Ghoul tidings is a seasonal piece and you are having a hard time finding a frame, have you considered finishing it like a framed piece...but not framed? LOL! Look at my blog from yesterday to understand what I mean. The finish I did there makes a perfect "frame" piece that you can hang like a picture or sit in a pretty easel....if you need help understanding how its done e-mail me. It is simple. Reason I'm telling you this is: your Ghoul Tidings is too darn cute not to be displayed this year!