Monday, July 29, 2013

PrOgress Monday

We're just back from camping on the 'Twin Rivers' in NC... High Country Bus Festival. We had a wonderful time but sadly we had to leave early because the river rose 4-5 ft over night from rain.
 photo DSC_4675_zps4c7458f7.jpg And was raising as we packed to leave. The road back to the 'primitive' part of the campground was flooded... you can see where the road is now part of the river in the picture above. Over 30 buses are trapped back in that part of the campground for 4 to 5 days until the water goes down. Our FullMoon Bus friends are being taken very good care of. Some people and the sheriff have brought in food, water, firewood and cigarettes (for those who do smoke) over the mountain by foot. The band who was supposed to play Saturday night for us is trapped back there too. So they also have music. :) Everyone is safe and just riding this storm out. What great camping memories!! In stitching news I finished block #8 of Santa's Village...  photo DSC_4714_zpse13e9333.jpg And here is progress on Part 2 of 'Song of the Seasons'...  photo DSC_4715_zps7af49368.jpg Sorry, no time to iron for a pretty picture. teehee hee

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So Close but No Cigar

I've got 3 WIPs going. One is my 'Song of the Seasons' Part 1...  photo DSC_4070_zps00ad4aa1.jpg Not finished yet as you can see. And Part 2 is ready to be picked up from my local quilt shop. ~~ Another WIP is my 'Santa's Village' block #8...  photo DSC_4069_zps9dc5261a.jpg Not finished. ~~~ And the 3rd WIP, 'And a Forest Grew'...I won't even show a picture of because I haven't stitch another thread on it since the last time I posted a picture. The other two are so close to being finished, but no cigar! :)
 photo CSC_3985_zps7828b1ea.jpg

Have I told you lately how much I love frogs and toads?!

Monday, July 8, 2013

I Just Want To Stitch!

I just want to stitch! I don't want to cook or clean or read or even watch TV. I just want to stitch. It is my passion, my therapy ,my love, my obsession.  Right now I am not getting a lot of stitching done and I'm not happy. I've had to do some 12 hour nights shifts along with school work and keeping the family and house still together.  So here is what happens when I try to stitch after a 12 hour night shift when I should be sleeping or doing homework..

 photo DSC_3757_zpse48a6504.jpg Do you see it??  photo DSC_3759_zpsa3e523db.jpg Yeap, there! I messed up and have to frog all those white lines... Oh poop! Not fun frogging when I want to be stitching. And as you can see I haven't gotten very far on block 8 of my 'Santa's Village'.