Thursday, October 29, 2009

My creative space.....

I finished my stitching on Greenlightgo's tea towel. Her theme was nature. So I did a tree in the Fall. The embroidery pattern came from 'Urban Threads'. Great site to get cute patterns from.

I also got the machine embroidery pattern from 'Urban Threads' . I stitched it ( really my machine stitched it) on a T-shirt for my daugther who is into robots now.

On my table I am working on a Christmas gift for my daughter's robotics teacher. This adorable robot fabric came from Ariel.... who has an Etsy store. Yeah , so cute.

My husband's creative space..... he worked on Heinrich this week. My 1957 beetle.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

sparks are flying

I got some sewing done today. I made a Christmas gift. This pattern is called the "This & That" by Sherri K Falls. Very easy pattern you can use scraps with.
Here is the outside. (It's lying on my husband's plasma cutting table, haha)

If you were wondering....I chose a red binding. It's the same fabric at the tiny inner boarder.

Look at the very cute ribbon we have at Quilting Adventures. If you don't know daughter is in the robotics club at school. So I love everything robot right now.

Speaking of the plasma cutting table. Here I am playing with my husband's plasma cutter. I could get use to this. It is so cool. I want to cut out all kind of shapes.

And here is Jonah playing with the plasma cutter. He was really good at it. I have another metal worker in the family. :o)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my creative space.....

What I am working on in my creative space..... suns...... and
my next tea towel for the tour......
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Monday, October 19, 2009

back to sewing.

I am feeling much better. And have started sewing again. :o) I started quilting my 'North Pole" quilt.
I need to pick a binding.... should I go with green, red, or white? or blue? The white you see now is the batting sticking out.

'Bareroots' camping quilt progress. Stitching a bus in the woods.
Finished another one for the camping quilt.
I am in a 'hand stitched' embroidery swap, here is my embroidery. I still need to cut the extra off , then I'll send it off.

And my first 'munki munki' block. I don't know if I like it or not. I am thinking it is too busy. So I have it up on my design wall trying to figure out what I am going to do with it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have been pretty sick for a week or 2. Not pretty, just sick...LOL. I've had a kidney infection and now the flu. I really have not been this sick since I was 15 years old. My point is.... I haven't gotten a lot of sew done and it's killing me. All I can do is sleep and lie in the bed. I am up now eating a bowl of chicken noodle soup , so I figured I would check 'blogland' while I ate.

Last week I did get the boarders on my 'North Pole Quilt'. I think the red and green boards make it look more Christmasy.

My husband got me a new car for our anniversary. He is a 1957 Euro Beetle. I've named him " Heinrich". For short we'll call him " Heinz 57". hehehe

And this weekend while camping I stitched up the latest towel I had from the Tea Towel Tour 5. She wanted our state bird or flower on her towel.

Thanks for looking/ reading. I am headed to take more medication and get back to bed. Hopfully I can sew soon before I go crazy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm in a new swap, (haha) another one right?! It is the "hand stitched" embroidery swap over at Flickr. This is a sneak peak at what I am doing for my swap partner. Our partners are supposed to be kept a secret until the end, so I can't tell you who I have.
I have finished piecing the top of my "welcome to the north pole" quilt. I still have detail work to do and embellishments to put on. I added 'snow'. Can you see it? The snow is just white Setacolor paint watered down and splattered on with a toothbrush.

Here is a close up of Santa, I've got to add details to him still.

And here is the whole top, with out boards.
We went to the Va State Fair Sunday. I had told you that I won 2nd place in the 'crib size' category. Here I am with my quilt and it's ribbon. The one on the bottom with the chicks on it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Welcome to the North Pole"

I few people have asked questions about the 'North Pole' quilt I am working on. I'm not a very good writer so I don't tend to give details about things. sorry. Here are some answers to some questions.....

Only 4 1/2 of these blocks are hand appliqued. I started machine appliqueing them on the fifth block. I wasn't having much fun hand appliqueing them and wasn't finishing it fast enough for me. I am having so much fun machine appliqueing them!! Piecing out the fabrics are the best.

The other quesions was... the pattern. Yes, there is a pattern. It's called "Welcome to the North Pole" by Piece O' Cake Designs.

Only 3 more blocks to go. The top block is more like 2. It is huge and has santa in it flying his sled.

Happy sewing. Amy