Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Stitching and BackYard World

I haven't quite finished my block #10 from Santa's village.I still have a star and some snowflakes to stitch.. ~~  photo b87ecb32-7bce-4276-8be5-fbb89b982bfc_zps2d43bb42.jpg   But I had to stop stitching on SV because September came and the weather got 'fall' like.I just needed to stitch something Fall. I had been 'eye-balling' Plum Street Sampler's 'Halloweenie' for awhile...and I finally started it.~~ photo 5229ba7e-3674-4734-a78e-ded4261a5cb2_zpsd0aa68ba.jpg And can I tell you I can not wait to stitch those dogs! Adorable!   ~~ I don't think I've shown my 'And a Forest Grew' in awhile... I do try to stitch on it every now and then. This pattern / design has been wonderful to stitch. Every little tree and creature are different so it makes it so fun. photo 681478ae-fe80-41b2-babc-59287c0c81a4_zpsa86144e3.jpg Here's another look, but closer so you can see some details... photo 371f75ea-6d54-4a33-b7d5-abc32a406c4a_zps53f80e57.jpg Lastly in my Stitching World, I've been trying to find frames for these two...'Song of the Season's' and 'Ghoul Tidings'. I have been trying to hit our thrift store once a week but not luck yet.  photo d8a4ea3a-d377-4325-a55e-912a42061bc7_zps6a89d1e2.jpg I would love to find a cool ornate frame for my Ghoul Tidings before October starts. So far I either find ones that are too plain, too big or too small. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In my BackYard World, we have a chipmunk who my husband has now named Alvin. Here is Alvin stealing bird food from my bird feeder... photo 25c56388-c490-419f-9e85-dcb19f9bcd4d_zps6fc2cf41.jpg And here he is drinking from our little waterfall... photo e26b34fc-0d0f-42d3-9e0f-457746cbf51e_zpseb5b9327.jpg It's he adorable?!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bunting and a Happy Momma!

Guess who we got to see this weekend? .... my daughter! I went and grabbed her up from her dorm room , took her to meet the rest of our family and went out to lunch.  I'm a happy momma!   While I was in her dorm room it occurred to me that I never posted a picture of  the bunting I made her.  So I snapped a few photos...
 photo ef44af72-740f-4dd5-a18b-e2271cc04f5d_zpsff7574d9.jpg She and I like to quote little movie sayings all the time to each other. I embroidered a few and turned them into a bunting for her dorm room so she would have a little feeling of 'home' there. Here are a few of them up close.. Dexter from "Dexter's Laboratory"... she used to push her baby brother's belly button all the time and say "What does this button do?".  photo 7e3fae39-bde3-4be1-b5ae-349fe5d6e720_zps2ea912e9.jpg  photo 00c38958-5946-422a-a2cf-564cbab7b57a_zps103d9d4b.jpg She can actually play tetris on one computer while doing homework at the same time on another computer.... my gaming girl!  photo 9c6a09d9-0a94-4c3c-9acd-a1017fbb8853_zps30926281.jpg "Why you want to leave me??" is from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. I would say this to her anytime she was going out the door. LOL We say many quotes from this movie, it's one of our favorites. And everyone knows Agnes from 'Despicable Me'... another one of our favorites.  photo bedb42f1-9399-481d-8bb2-f1502705d522_zps9e16eddf.jpg We quote 'Elf' a lot too and have to watch it at least 3 times during the Christmas season. And 'Wall-E' of course! Eventually I'd like to make another bunting to go below that one because there are a few more movie quotes I need to add. ~~~ ~~~~~~ Here is my wonderful and beautiful family together..  photo ad172a69-eb6a-40c8-b219-bf6d754fc30b_zpsa55ee47c.jpg

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Theme ~ Witches

I finished up three things last week and when I stepped back to look at them all, I realized they all have to do with witches. teehee hee
The first finish is my favorite! It is 'Ghoul Tidings', the pattern is by Plum Street Samplers and is in the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch.
 photo 564017d2-43f3-4dee-851b-a0cd2a478920_zpsb34063b4.jpg
Stitched on 36ct linen ~Edinboro Flax, stitching one thread over two.
I love everything about this pattern from the witch to the cats to the pumpkins... right down to the colors.
I think the only thing I changed was the acorn color. It called for an orange and I changed it to a brown.  I'm sorry I can't tell you which color... I just grabbed one out of my floss box and didn't pay attention to was it was. 
My second witch is really a witch house. I've been stitching (embroidery) on HocusPocusVille for a few years now and I finally finished up block #9. Which leaves me 3 more to go! 
 photo 6017be02-22a6-44ee-8382-728e04f0b8e1_zpsb8b049f0.jpg
One day I'll post a picture of the cute witch houses all together. They are going to make an amazing quilt one day.

My last witch is called Autumn Witch 2013. She is a free pattern by The Snowflower Diaries. How cute is she?! 
 photo b241e4c7-2de4-4daa-bd2c-02d6ec94605a_zpsb5aca0c3.jpg
She is stitched on some mystery aida that I had in my stash.
I'm taking a finishing ornament class at my local quilt shop in October (which I am super excited about) so I needed to stitch up something small.  
See... I told you I was in the 'Fall' mood...lots of Fall/Autumn stitching going on!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's In My Hoop

Labor Day weekend came and I got a hankering to stitch something 'Fall'... so I started 'Ghoul Tidings' from the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine.
 photo 44b75c6b-bb0b-429f-9008-cc233c6fb304_zpsf9914cd0.jpg The pattern is by Plum Street Samplers. And can I tell you I love everything about it. I even love the cats and I'm a dog person.  photo fc73e28d-c148-42fd-965e-8502197b94f4_zps07580125.jpg The colors in this pattern are the most dreamy. The witch reminds me of Elphaba from 'Wicked' and I am loving every stitch!!