Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

School started last week, so I've mostly been reading about the kidneys ( no sewing). In one of my classes I will be having a test in 2 weeks and it will be on 3 chapters, so read, read ,read and study , study, study.

One big reason I am going back to school ( and there are a few reasons why I'm going back) is..... no insurance. I have no medical insurance right now and it sucks. I had to get a physical today for school so I can start clinicals next semester and it cost $672 today to get that physical. Yes, I had a lot of blood work and vaccinations done. But I sure wish I had had some medical insurance. My credit card was screaming at me. But I guess I have to spend money now to make money later. I want this so much and am so scared right now.

On a lighter and more sewing note, I managed to stitched a tiny bit last weekend.... so in celebration of Fall coming, here are some pumpkins. :o)

This is the HocusPocusVille pattern by Crabapple Hill.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a Week.

This has been the craziest week ever. Crazy things are happening here. I've become a little burned out. My school starts next week, so life is going to get even busier. I did manage to finish 2 more Farmer's Wife blocks. Number 21, Contrary Wife which wasn't bad.

And number 22, Corn & Beans which was the worst block so far. Who ever made up this block needs to be slapped. It's a cute block made up, but so not fun to make. It was a big headache.

Once school starts I may not be able to sew much, but hopefully I won't drop off the face of 'blog land'.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


STUD is a mini quilt swap over on Flickr. It is "Swap Till U Drop" and is every two months. The themes change every swap. I was in the July / August STUD where the theme was 'same shape rainbow'. We knew who our partners were so we could ask each other questions and get to know them a little bit. I swapped with Leah, who is Ryersmama over on Flickr. Leah sent me this mini quilt with the rainbow triangles going around. She knew I loved this block. It 12" X 12".

I knew that Leah loves Heather Ross fabric and wonky stars so this is what I made her. The top stars are machine appliqued on. The middle stars are pieced wonky stars. And the last tiny bottom row are made with sharpie markers. There are some Heather Ross fabrics added to some of the middle wonky stars.

I forgot what it measured but was about 14" X 16" maybe. I'm in the Scrappy Mug Rug swap over on Flickr also, but it doesn't end until the last week of August. Pictures from that swap to come soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creative: All in the Family

I have a pretty creative family. We are always making something. My little guy just made dinosaur land last night. (with dad's help) It was all his idea though.

He has made a water fall for his dinosaurs in the back yard.

My daughter is so creative, she is always drawing, but these last couple of weeks she has gotten into making things with hemp. She made me a bracelet about 2 nights ago. Can you tell I love orange.

The hubs restores old VW's. He has been working on my Thing. He also does some crazy awesome things with metal. ( That's a whole other post in itself)

And then there is me. I've made my son a pencil case for school , with sharks of course. My son is shark crazy. (from the cash & carry pattern)

WARNING: Shelby don't read any farther, this is a surprise for you. For my daughter, I've been working on a bunting to give her for Christmas. It will have things she loves on it and sayings that she ALWAYs says.

I am thinking once she goes off to college ( in 2 years) she can hang it across her dorm room. "It's so Fluffy, I'm gonna die" from Despicable Me is one of her favorite sayings and one of my favorite movies. ( hand embroidered)

And she grew up watching Dexter's Laboratory. She would always say "Ooooo, what does this button do?" And point to her baby brother's belly button.

There are a few more I have to stitch up.... another one is from the movie Elf. "SANTA! I know him!!" Another one of my favorite movies.

So here is a touch of what we've been creating.... what has your family been creating?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

FWQAL PrOgress

The parts for the camera came in and the hubs fixed it up. So I have a working camera again, yes. I was having camera withdrawal. Last week I stitched up block #17 (1) Cats & Mice and #18 (2) Century of PrOgress. I thought # 18 was going to be hard because of all the angles but it really wasn't.

This week I stitched up blocks # 19 (3) Checkerboard and #20 (4) Churn Dash.

Also I've started writing in my Farmer's Wife Sample Quilt book. The day I cut out and make that block I write what the weather is on that page or if anything interesting happened that day. Or what I thought of that block. Years from now it will be like a diary for whom ever in the family gets the quilt or wants to make one of their own.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Eye Candy Monday

We just returned home from High Country Bus Festival~~Camping with our Full Moon Bus Club friends. I didn't get an official bus count , but I heard there were 188+ VW buses there. It was wonderful. We lived on the river and in the water. This is a photo of my son swinging from a rope swing, which he has played on every year we've gone.(3 years at this location) My camera also played in the river this weekend. So I don't have many pictures of the camp out. I am a picture girl so the hubs was on the ball and has already ordered me a new one. :o)

As for the 'eye candy'...... I saw this adorable mini quilt on Flickr today. There is a group that make mini quilt blocks and swap them. This months theme was 60s retro. So stink'n cute.

Now off to do about 3 days worth of laundry and hopfully sew a bit. PEACE!!