Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh What A Week It Was!

It was a super busy week last week. (Not a lot of stitching happened) My sweet girl turned 18. I still can't believe it really. It doesn't seem possible that she grew up that fast. Picture384_zps9fc1728a photo Picture384_zps9fc1728a.jpg On her Birthday while she was a school(taking I left flowers in her car, so when she came out she would be surprised. Picture385_zpse8a093cb photo Picture385_zpse8a093cb.jpg And when she got home I gave her quilt... Picture391_zpsd55514d7 photo Picture391_zpsd55514d7.jpg I haven't put the binding it on because I wanted to wait and see which college she is going to go, then match the color of the binding with the school's colors. (Her favorite color is orange... can you tell?) She told me she wants a white binding no matter where she goes, so a white binding it will be. I am just so happy she loved it. Along with Birthday craziness happening all last week... I took my son and my nephew to the aquarium. We all loved it. Picture430_zps3831468c photo Picture430_zps3831468c.jpg It was Homeschool day at the Aquarium down in Virginia Beach, Va and my nephew happened to be out of school that day so he got to go with us. Picture487_zpscad0c930 photo Picture487_zpscad0c930.jpg We had snow this week. My children made snowmen, snow-angles and went sliding together. The Pinewood Derby race was this week... here is a photo of my son's car... Picture514_zps918884b5 photo Picture514_zps918884b5.jpg It's a gecko! Lots of other things happened also... like our VW meeting, the 'Boat Show' and a funeral. I am looking forward to this week as I have nothing planned on the calendar but a quiz to study for and stitching.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Belle & Boo

Hi everyone,  I just wanted to make a quick post on the progress of 'Belle & Boo'.  They are coming along and you can sort of tell what they are now.  The pattern for 'Belle & Boo' is in the Christmas 2012 issue of CrossStitcher.

Picture361_zps80d38b23 photo Picture361_zps80d38b23.jpg
We got a bit of snow in Virginia this week. It was so nice seeing it fall from the sky. But now that we'd had our snow... I am super ready for camping season. Picture342_zps89c4762d photo Picture342_zps89c4762d.jpg Can we just skip February and March? I am having camp withdrawals.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bring on House #3

I have finished stitching Santa's House and Poinsettia House from my Santa's Villiage patterns. I'm stitching them on 32ct.Belfast Natural linen. I am going to have to 'frog' the two top right hand corner snowflakes one day. They are off and they'll end up driving me crazy. Picture331_zps03d080af I do have to say that Poinsettia House is my favorite so far. It is most likely because of the bird (I'm a big bird lover) and the flowers. In other news... FIRST robotics season has started and I am so excited about the new game this year. My daughter programs for an FRC team ~ Sparky team 384. I am taking one class this semester, but only one credit... That's all we could handle this time around. I'm still homeschooling my son and enjoying every second we're together! And my Project Life is still going great!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I found an old frame lying around our house and made it work for my Kawaii Winter Wonderland countdown from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I couldn't get a great photo of it... it is much cuter in person. Picture262_zps14b9a0ea This was the first time I had worked with metallic thread and even though it is a bear to stitch with, I love the sparkle it adds to my stitchery. To make the frame work I stitched fabric scallops on the sides. Picture264_zpsfa673c8a I've finished 'Santa's House' on my 'Santa's Village' and have started on 'Poinsettia Place'. I'm stitching it on 32ct. Belfast Linen. There is a teeny tiny boo boo at the bottom of 'Santa's House' that needs to be frogged , but I'll worry about that later. Progress on Santa's Village Happy New Year to all! I'm off to stitch a little on 'Poinsettia Place'.