Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Progress on North Pole and embroidery

Here is a look at the progress on my 'Welcome to the North Pole' quilt. I am trying to finish it by December,..... I know your laughing at me. But I am trying.
Progress on my 'bareroots camping' quilt. Just one more embroidery done. A little wrinkled.
And another embroidered stitchery done.

Running to go work on my North Pole quilt, bye.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

for the love of our VWs

For the love of our VWs. We are HUGE VW loving people. We own 6. Yes...6. My husband, eat, sleeps, and breaths VWs. Heather Ross, the fabric designer who designed the cute VW bus fabric in my camper windows has just posted a blog about wanting to find a BUS of her own. So I thought I would show off our babies a bit.

This is Yoda May and my husband. We will be restoring her for me, he has already started. She is a 1965 beetle.

Here she is just coming home from being in the woods for years. I got her in May so that's why I call her 'Yoda May'.
On the front of one of the buses we camp with. Not our bus, but I love this...

This is my "Thing". I don't know what year she is, my husband does. He will be restoring her too.

Here is the bottom of "Jaws", our camper. My husband making the bottom of her rust proof. :o) That's me to the left.

Here is "Jaws in the snow". We camp in her about once a month. She is our home away from home.

My husband and son helping to restore "Jaws".

Here are a bunch of the buses and beetle going to either FL to the Bulli Brigade or to the 'transporter' show in SC. I forget which one. Jeremy, my husband is always going to some VW show somewhere. LOL

An annual event. We go get out Christmas tree and have "Rusty" carry it home for us every year. The big dint in the right side is where a semi hit my husband going down the road. Scary. Rusty is all better now though. New back /side window in and the dint to gone. Jeremy welded in a whole new back corner piece.

Here is a full shot of "Rusty".

Here is "Charlie" our single cab. Not sure what year he is. My baby boy, Jonah named him and said " Charlie is mine.". So I guess one day, he'll be driving him.

Here is 'Papa Smurf", we were camping at the beach with her this time.

I don't have a picture of our 1956 oval beetle, I will have to take one soon and post it. She doesn't have a name or any paint on her right now. She is bit naked.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am working on this for a person, let me just say....I don't like mitering corners. But I do think it's turning out cute. I found the little 'key' fabric on -line. Perfect for the boards. I'll show the whole thing when it's done.

Yeah, I finished another 'Welcome to the North Pole' block. The Ice Cream shoppe.
And I found this 'so fun' flickr group called " What I wore today ( drawings only!)". I've joined in and have been drawing what I wear everyday. This is my 7th day doing it and it's so fun. Here are a few of the days. :o)

Have a great sewing week!!! or just a great week!! ~~amy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sewing makes me happy.

Our new mouse...isn't it adorable and fitting?!

Have you seen the new Jay Mccarroll line , Germania ? I love it. I love germy looking things though. I made another sandwich bag out of one of the fabrics.

Here is my first tea towel from the 'Tea Towel Tour' I am in over at Craftster. The girl's towel I am stitching on likes skulls and cats so here is what I came up with. The fish ended up being my favorite with his cute little fish bowl.

The table runner I had been working on for Halloween is done. Love me some Halloween. And I love the new Halloween fabric we had gotten in. I have already put it out on the table even though it still only Sept. :o) Silly?? probably!

All for now, going to sit and stitch tonight with the girls at the shop. Happy sewing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A LOT going on the week!!!!

A lot going on the this week. My babies started back to school. They are on their second day and doing great so far. Here is Shelby , before the sun came up she had to be on the bus.
My little guy , Jonah. Is doing great getting up early in the morning so far.
A sneak peak at my stitching for the Tea Towel Tour. I drew my own design this time so I am a little nervous about it. I will show the whole picture and explain the madness when I am finished stitching it.

I put a quilt on the barn I paper peiced. and added a cow. This is the project that I can't tell you what it is for. sorry.

A page in my 'Wreck this Journal'. Peace.

Another stitchery done for my 'Bareroots' camping quilt. :o) The Mountains.

I am working on a new table runner, this one is for our home. A Halloween one. I am going to start quilting it this week, I hope. hahaha. I just love this fabric. I love Halloween.

And a new 'munki munki' print for me. :o) Still trying to collect munki munki fabirc. It's hard to find.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spiders, Munki, and Campfires , Oh my.

A sweet big spider in our yard. I hope he is killing lots of mosquitos.
Phoebe and I had a stitching play date the other night and I got one stitchery from my 'Bareroots' camping pattern done..... the camp fire.

She helped me pick out some fabric for the blocks that go around the embroidery. Now I can't wait to get the others done so I can start cutting up this fabric.

I also have joined in on a Munki Munki quilt along. If you don't know what Munki Munki is , it is a company that makes PJ's and Heather Ross does the fabric for them. So this is Heather Ross fabric. Very hard to get. I have 4 peices so far. Here are my vans/buses and my bikes.

The Farmer's Market...

and my martians......
I have finished quilting the firefighter table runner I've been working on , but I am going to save that picture for when I get the binding on. :o)