Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Busy busy busy... that's what I've been.
Here is a photo of 'Gingerbread Emporium". I haven't stitched the french knots yet (which will really be colonial knots because I think they're easier to make) teehee hee.
 photo b3e3886c-2c14-4746-9232-dcb1494fed6c_zpsb89c87c9.jpg

I'm trying to take a little break from my Santa's Village so I can stitch up some Christmas gifts but it keeps calling out to me to work on it.
I started Plum Street Sampler's new mystery SAL, Mary's Sampler.
You can find the free patterns over on Paulette's blog.
There are two versions... I'm stitching both.
 photo f2e774d1-1227-4379-85ea-d01d286b7edd_zps970b8449.jpg

I am stitching them on 40ct Natural linen.
My Thanksgiving table runner has grow a little bit. I'm not using a pattern, just 'winging it' and I have found that I over think things too much. Although I am in love with it so far... I can only work on it for an hour or two at a time then I have to walk away.
 photo 0b5d2886-2c5c-4857-aa89-b91104fbb435_zps7c6d2e05.jpg
  My mind wants to exploded because I'm thinking and rethinking about placement, colors, value ,patterns,  and then I found these cute chipmunks and mushrooms in my stash...
 photo 250545e9-c0d4-45a9-8a68-7c205860196f_zps1fb093fa.jpg

and they had to go in my runner. I watch my chipmunk, Alvin almost everyday and I am very Thankful for him!
Fingers crossed I can finish my table runner by November! Or at least the top of it. 


Giovanna said...

Lovely progress on your WIPs!

Barb said...

Your runner is looking great! I'm stitching the Mary Sampler also but only one version and with my "old" eyes, I'm doing it on 32 ct.

Kristi said...

Oh my, you certainly have been busy! Everything looks great. :)

Marni @ Haberdashery Fun said...

HI- Thanks for stopping over at my blog. You comments were very kind!! Love your blog!

Manuela said...

Beautiful progress.

Greetings, Manuela

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, you're stitching both versions of Mary's Sampler? Wow! Great stuff! Love your Christmas piece too, and the table runner -- what a fantastic idea that is! It's wonderful!