Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Behind Evinrude

I actually sat down behind of my sewing machine , aka: Evinrude, and made a little progress on two WIPs that have been sitting around for awhile. Last year I had my family list a few things they were grateful for. I wrote them on muslin and embroidered each one. My plan was to make a Thanksgiving table runner for last year.. I'm now hoping to have it done by this year... photo DSC_6042_zpsbb172e2d.jpg Here are some of the embroidered blocks... photo 2c1d454a-f8b9-418f-b132-401a7f2afaff_zpscf8ee8e1.jpg ~~~  photo 23e251bb-ea83-4085-9ba0-d19a861d72a3_zpsa598e712.jpg ~~~ One of my daughter's...  photo 6949407a-066c-4050-a10c-6ad686dcc23e_zps55dffcb4.jpg You can tell the top block in this picture is what my husband is grateful for... photo f37b6a02-9a99-4dea-a76e-893aedee619c_zps6494891b.jpg I also worked a little bit on my 'Farmer's Wife' quilt blocks... I stitched up these two blocks. (#27 and #32) photo db5d7d43-f76d-4b84-8934-c66166daca60_zps245695d9.jpg Here is what I have so far... photo ee3ca56e-079d-47fe-a245-61b26bf8885e_zps9fc74088.jpg  The colors are a gray green and were inspired by a tree I pass by almost everyday... if I leave the house of coarse. LOL ~~~ As for Evinrude, he is my sewing machine. I named him that after the little dragonfly from 'The Rescuers'. If you've never seen it, you should... such a sweet movie.


Barb said...

What a super idea for the table runner!! Your quilt blocks look good!

Becky said...

Love the table runner idea. I will have a lot of family together for Thanksgiving this year and will use it as an opportunity to capture such sentiments - thanks for the inspiration!!

Małgorzata Zoltek said...

Great idea !!!