Friday, November 29, 2013

Mary's Sampler

I hope all my American blog readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did!  We had Thanksgiving and Christmas on the same day with my in-laws this year. I gave them 'Mary's Sampler'.
 photo 70a62e8a-e04c-4177-806c-0fa08df9ff82_zps63aa4422.jpg

 I participated in the Mystery stitch along called 'Mary's Sampler' over on Plum Street Samplers blog. She is a wonderful designer and I love your work. I also took another finishing class last week at my local quilt shop and finished my piece in a flatfold... I love how it turned out! My in-laws loved it too. :)

Funny story~ When I showed the finished piece to my husband he asked me why I had fling Princess Leias in the sampler. I turned it around and looked at it again... and laughed so hard. My angles do look like little fling Princess Leias. Super Cute!!

Happy Stitching Everyone!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

What's NOT In My Hoop

Santa's Village

 photo 3d47dc95-d5ba-492e-8f84-66c02a6a2650_zpsd4276cef.jpg

Santa's Village is complete!
Super Adorable.
Stitched on 32ct lambswool linen.
I've changed a few things like adding a dove to month 3 and making my elf look like 'Buddy' from the movie "Elf" in month 11.
But mostly I used the recommended threads.

 photo 42ec0ec0-17f5-4a8d-b12a-89066c930baf_zps09aebf83.jpg

The design /pattern is from Country Cottage Needleworks.
There is a new series coming the end of this month and I can't wait..."Frosty Forest".
I'm an animal lover and I can't wait to stitch up cute little woodland creatures.
I am secretly wishing / hoping for lots birds and a frog,
but I'm not holding my breath on the frog since it is called 'FROSTY Forest'... the frogs are probably hibernating.
Until it comes out I'll be stitching up some Christmas gifts. I'll post photos of those after they've been given out.  I am working on an adorable gift for my daughter and I don't think she reads my blog... so in a few days I will post pictures of that.

Happy Stitching

From my kitchen window...

 photo 4a9d0c79-4ac3-44fe-bcaf-da922ea0c4ac_zpsf2d76bf9.jpg

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Do you do this too?

While I was stitching on my Mary's Sampler last week my husband and  I watched 'The Seven Year Itch'. This week when I started stitching on it again my brain immediately thinks of that movie.

  photo edcf8cd0-d4f4-4e19-8867-4d1f8a34fab8_zps61c19787.jpg

My husband says it happens to him too. When he works on a metal piece that he has worked on in the past he'll think about what ever he was watching or hearing from way back when.

Every time I stitch on my Hocus Pocus Ville I think of Sherlock Holmes because a while back we watched that movie while I was stitching on Hocus Pocus Ville. 

 photo 6017be02-22a6-44ee-8382-728e04f0b8e1_zpsb8b049f0.jpg

Do you do this too?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grateful For...

My goal was to finish my 'Grateful For' table runner by the beginning of November and I did it! And I love it! Here is a quick but picture heavy post of my finished table runner....
Machine stitching the binding while watching 'The Sound of Music'...
 photo 5b19fb58-0b4e-4ba9-a58a-cde2b1b4db70_zpsc2790041.jpg

Outside on a gorgeous day (Oct 31st) hand stitching the binding on..
 photo 759e9fcc-d700-46b0-8af1-552dff4b6de7_zpsb6aef504.jpg

And here it is finished by November 1st.
 photo fba14d55-1fe0-45a9-b3ca-afa73b2faf55_zps05cfdf59.jpg

I didn't have a plan for the pattern and no measuring was done while I was making it so I was shocked when I laid it on the table and it fit perfectly.
Some close ups..
 photo af4a7cde-d5c9-46d7-93b2-fbf82ab94390_zps26c0722a.jpg
 photo e073c957-808e-451a-a862-9781e91bf60a_zps68c6fd66.jpg
I added Alvin, the chipmunk that lives in our yard.
 photo a7e47994-aff8-4cec-8546-63cc5b572837_zpsa3753766.jpg
And my son has named all the squirrels in our yard Jeffrey .. so I added them too.
 photo 66c30a86-fd49-470b-b0e6-4852ad646c96_zpscbcf9397.jpg

My label on the cutest pumpkin fabric..surrounded by bees.

 photo bd28cefd-efab-4905-a1ec-92cfefed2415_zpsf002275e.jpg

If you don't know the story behind my runner... last year I had my little family list a few things that they were grateful or thankful for. I wrote them on muslin and hand embroidered them. I was hoping to make them into a table runner last year for Thanksgiving but they sat in my sewing bag for a year.  So this year I was determined to get my table runner done by the 1st of November.
And I'm in love with it!
 photo fba14d55-1fe0-45a9-b3ca-afa73b2faf55_zps05cfdf59.jpg

I may even keep it on the table year round. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Buddy the Elf

Yesterday I finished up "Elves' Workshop' which is block / month #11 of Santa's Village.
 photo 832d993e-cc9a-4005-8412-5767f059fa69_zpsa38c7395.jpg
Just in time for November and our last month.
BUT... while stitching my Elf  all I could think of was Buddy the Elf from the movie "Elf".
I LOVE that movie.
So, after I was finished I stepped back and decided I had to change him.  Call me crazy but I love him.
 photo e37443c4-ffef-4c81-9215-d6b8505695f3_zps23ff366d.jpg

Yes, I frogged some of the stitches out of my elf and changed him.

 photo w08ps8bmyaxucdar6l8jhqk7yot5tpj3_zpseeebb12b.jpg

Here's a photo of my whole Santa's Village so far...
 photo 221c6b87-e946-44d9-847a-6202bf4fa6b5_zps068a332a.jpg
 photo a6d875c3-a7b7-4629-8bbf-10e3d667d330_zpsa62c7e94.jpg

I am pretty excited about the next series called 'Frosty Forest'