Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Threads Running Wild

We had such a Merry Christmas, I hope you did too. Still a lot of things going on while school is out for Holiday. Here is prOgress on my 'Mad Scientist'.

Here is one of the gifts my husband gave me. This book has the cutest patterns in it.

Here is one pattern that caught my son's eye. He loves Ammonites. (The little pink guy with the yellow shell in the bottom left corner)

So he decided he wanted me to teach him how to cross-stitch. He didn't last long, he got very frustrated and only got 3 lines done. He asked if he could go play and work on it later. :o) I'm hoping he'll do more little by little. I'd love to frame it one day and hang it in his room.

In other news. LOL I am taking the 'Totally Useless Stitch-a-long' over at "It's Daffycat". Here is a picture of my jar (which may change later when I find a cuter one) empty. No ORT= Old Ratty Threads yet. I like saving up my old ratty threads for the birds anyway, they use them to make their nest in the Spring. So by next Spring (2013), I'll have all kinds of thread for them.

Another big change in the subject~ My daughter and her boyfriend's gift exchange..... they have been dating for 1 3/4 years. And they are both big gamers. She gave him this cute magnet.

You know she had knee surgery a few months ago and just recently got off of her crushes. He gave her this cute shirt. LOL

She also made him this cute X-Box game controller. Her and her girlfriend made up a pattern and stitched it up. What a creative and great idea. I am so proud of her.

Hopefully I can post prOgress pictures of the Ammonites soon. Everyone have a wonderful New Year and be safe on New Year's Eve.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lots going on in December

December is usually so busy, but fun. I have finished my shopping and most of the wrapping so I get to sit back and enjoy the season. I've been watching lots of Christmas movies and listening to my Pandora Christmas station. Baking goodies and making things with my son. I've stitched a tiny bit , here is the progress on my Mad Scientist.

I've only done a few stitches on the sewing machine. I made a cap for the robotics team with some cute appliques on it and appliqued a logo on my sister-in-laws apron. ( She is a hair dresser) We've gone to a few Christmas parties. Ate lots of food and went to see the lights.

The picture above is my daughter and my husband. Aren't they so cute! My son pictured below finished his "Build and Grow" train.

Lowe's puts on a "Build and Grow" twice a month through out the year. The kids get to build things for free while you shop. :o) We've been taking Jonah for a while now and he has gotten much better. When we first went he couldn't drive the nail in by himself, that was probably 2 years ago. Now he reads the directions and can build things all by himself. We just watch him now.

We've made bird seed feeder this week with a few of the neighbor kids. I saw this cute blog on how to make them. I asked my husband to pick up birdseed while he was at Lowe's the other day and he bought the kind with big sunflower seeds in them. So they aren't as cute as the ones on this blog, but they turned out. And I bet the birds will eat them anyway.

It is camouflaged, but here is a heart shaped one hanging in the tree.

This one is a creature who's head fell off. LOL

Off to do some more fun things today. I think we're going to go paint pottery and bake some more cookies. The owl cookies in this blog post by Tiny Acron. I love her blog. And I love when my children are out of school. <3

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Comes but Once a Year.

Larry, our Elf on the Shelf is running away with Ms. Goodman's Christmas gift.

My little guy said he wanted to give his teacher an apple for Christmas, so I made her a 'cash & carry' with apples on it. And embroidered her name at the top. (Thank you Mary Terry for helping me pick out the fabric) A very easy pattern.

And here is Larry with the school nurses' Christmas gift. A 'First Aid' bag.

I love this time of year! We go to Bass Pro every year to visit Santa Clause. My son loves the huge fish tank they have there.

My Indiana Jonah, teehee hee. I love this hat on him.

Sitting on Santa's lap.... he tells Santa he wants things from the real Titanic ship, the one that went down in 1912. And he'll tell you all about it. LOL My husband and I keep telling him that those things are only in museums.

Merry Christmas! Time to wrap some gifts and wrap up one more class for the semester.

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I've got my two Christmas quilts hung. One is really our advent calendar. I love this time of year! I've been watching all kinds of Christmas movies in between school work. We've gone to look at lights on the houses. I've had the Christmas music playing all day long, we've made cookies and wrapped gifts. And tomorrow night we'll probably head out to Bass Pro to see Santa himself. :o)

I have been able to do a little bit of stitching while my daughter is in physical therapy. This is my mad scientist coming to life.

Out side our door this morning on the way to P.T. was this little guy. Actually, he was a big guy and he didn't care that I got so close to him. (Pileated Woodpecker)

All he cared about was getting that insect out of the tree. He was just a beautiful site to see.

Next, I need to brag about my husband again. I know I do that a lot, but he is just an awesome and talented man. I saw a wine holder that I wanted, showed it to him and he made it for me.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time this year too!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


We picked up our Christmas tree in our bus, 'Rusty'. A tradition we do every Christmas season. It was much warmer outside this year then last year. We didn't have to ride with a propane heater in the bus to keep warm, just a quilt to sit on because the leather seats were cold. We go to the same little tree lot every year too and every year the old man running the lot tells us about the VWs he had owned in the passed. We get that a lot. :o) Hope every one is having a wonderful December, I sure am!