Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Boy's Story ~~ top finished

My sick boy and his new Halloween pillowcase. He picked out the fabric and had to have spiders. He has informed me that he wants a tarantula for Christmas. He isn't getting one.

Here is the last block on my "A Boy's Story" quilt top. I love that it is a dog. We are BIG dog lovers in this house.

Here is the last embroidery for the block. So cute. Look at the cute little dog on the surf board. And falling off.

And a drum roll please..... here it is....finished! The whole quilt top.

Now to figure out the quilting. Do I quilt it myself or send it out to be quilted..... that is the question. :o)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can't believe it's already August

My little guy who is 7 has been doing some drawings and embroidery. He drew up both of these. The shark is getting ready to eat up some red fish and the fish are saying "help". So cute. He says he is going to make up some more. I think I made a pillow out of this or frame them up.

I finally finished the month of July.... I changed the flag a bit from the pattern. It didn't have the American flag. My husband and I have been watching all kinds of WWII movies and documentaries on the Military channel. So I have been feeling very patriotic lately.

Here I set out to make a cute "First Aid" kit for our bus. I bought a cute little pattern off of Etsy , made it up and it turned out so cute I decided to try to sell it. This green one is another one in the works......

Here is the first one I made up. It's already sold. I think I will make one for our bus out of shark fabric, since our bus' name is Jaws.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

what I am working on

Life was crazy the month of July. We camped 2 weekends in July. And one of the campouts is a big one so we left early , Thursday. My daughter has injured her other knee, tore the cartilage and may have to have surgery again. I am trying to start back to school and have been to the school 3 times to get things straight. It takes an act from God to start back to school. My little guy has a double ear infection again and may have to have surgery again. This would be his 3rd set of tubes. If I am not camping, then I am in an ER or at a doctors office , and if I am not there I am at the school. I am so happy July is over. Hoping for a much more peaceful August.
I didn't do a lot of sewing in July. I just didn't feel like it. Oh and I was sick the whole month of July too. I did start a cute BOM ( which I am only doing one month of) called "Chrissy Down Under" by McKenna Ryan. My son loves Australia and all the animals there.

Here is a better picture of the animals to top of Christmas baubles. I am just going to make it a wall hanging to hang up for Christmas. Where I work, Quilting Adventures, they have made 'kits' of all the blocks for this quilt. Which makes it so easy. All the fabric is picked and cut already. :o)
I did finish another stitchery for the "A Boy's Story" quit top. I am on my last block. :o)

But I didn't get my July month BOM done for my "little stitchies".