Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stitching Nature

 photo 2c2d98fd-c098-4e75-a533-2303bad92ff0_zps8c057b85.jpg

 photo e0099bbd-d0b1-4fd6-ba7a-b01406ecb9a5_zpsbca7908c.jpg

 photo 3b3ead25-e25f-4168-b67d-b653baf221fd_zpsca53f656.jpg

And loving that the sun came out...
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Loving Lately

Loving lately...
This frog
 photo decd1839-d679-4bc7-a2a7-f9835f62d954_zps6665f589.jpg

My stitching bag that my good friend Phoebe made me!
I love everything about it and often have to stop stitching so I can stare at it.

 photo 4bdf5a38-b979-4b15-be38-8fb910dab274_zpsc5b4c3e1.jpg

This series...
 photo 8558c3db-b6b7-4b0c-a43c-2396c52824b3_zpsade4b88b.jpg

The old photos I found at my parent's home. This one is my brother and I.
 photo 861e6c60-bd56-47bf-a812-a24b6e3e260b_zps7f0caecf.jpg

The squirrel prof bird feeder my husband bought me and all the birds I get to watch daily.

 photo ca5d5a7b-d4ac-4fd2-85da-670bbf4aa8e8_zps95f814af.jpg

Stitching 'Frosty Forest'.
 photo 6cef9310-d4c8-4ad4-82cb-d56caffcd2ef_zpsc4544317.jpg

I love that they closed my daughter's college because of the snow and I got to see her this week.
(she looks like she is crying but she laughing at our chihuahua and how much he hates the snow)

 photo ca5ed707-f800-4d12-a8c8-24050bb04984_zps79d679fc.jpg

I'm loving tomato sandwiches but I won't post a photo of one because food photos gross me out. LOL
I'm loving my electric blanket,
the coffee my husband makes me every morning,
and my simple life.

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Weekend

I spent most of the weekend with my parents,
enjoying their company, visiting family, stitching in front of the fire
and getting my taxes done. 
 photo f9be6db7-78f4-4db4-ad99-8fc813c0eb8a_zpsdc20ea51.jpg
 My dad always has a fire going in the Winter and I love it.
I am still working on #3 of Frosty Forest.
I'm not using the buttons so I replaced this month button which was a white dove to a  stitched  robin.
Once I finish stitching the whole block I will post closer photos.
While I was down visiting my parents I got to stop by and see my Nana.
  photo cf7206fd-df22-4ae2-8b86-4f43a9934e40_zpsd615d957.jpg
I hadn't seen her in almost a year. ( She is whom I get my young looking genes from. lol)
I actually haven't been to my Nana's house in years, probably 10 years. When I am down that way it is usually for Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas and the family will get together at my Aunt's house or my cousin's house.  I remembered there being an old sampler in her back bedroom so I took the opportunity to check it out and photograph it.
 photo 21fe9fd9-e819-4ac5-955f-2ffafc36270e_zps2b192544.jpg

Here it is, from 1843. It was hard to photograph without a glare on the glass so I had to get it at an angle.
The Sweetest Dragon Yarn Bowl
 My daughter has started to crochet so for her birthday this year I had a yarn bowl made for her.
I found a lady on Etsy who makes yarn bowls and asked her if she could make one with 'Toothless' from 'How To Train Your Dragon'.
She said she would love to try.
(My daughter loves dragons and fell in love with Toothless when she saw that movie.)
The bowl arrive last week and it turned out so adorable...
 photo 795eeda0-6816-475c-b72d-a3e674f25b22_zps01826553.jpg

His body wraps around the bowl. The lady who made the yarn bowl is Toni McPhee. Her Etsy shop is CleverClay and I think she did an amazing job!
My daughter loves him too!
The yarn in the bowl now is my poor attempt at knitting. lol