Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

VW Buses and Beetles

We picked up our Christmas tree in "Rusty", our 1958 VW deluxe bus. This has become a family tradition of ours. This is the 4th year we've gotten our tree in the bus. I know most people think buses are cool and they are. But a lot of people 'think' they want one , but they really don't. They just don't know how hard it is owning one. First you need to be able to rebuild a VW air-cooled engine or know an inexpensive mechanic to rebuild it for you. My husband has has to rebuild or put a new engine in our 1970 "Jaws" bus at least twice this year maybe even 3 time. I loss track. They break down all the time! Sometimes it isn't even the engine, it's the gear shift coming off in your hand as your shifting down the road. It's your side sliding door falling off, or wind-sheild wipers not working. There is no defrost, so when is can't see out the windows. These buses DO NOT have power anything!! No power brakes, it is hard to stop and people pull out in front of you all the time. No power steering. No power windows. No power, so when you pull out onto ...lets say the interstate, it takes you a looonng time to get going. They don't go 65 miles/per hour. You have to stay in the slow lane. They also have no A/C or Heat. So the picture above where we go get our Christmas tree in 18 degree weather... I hold a propane heater in the back for us to stay some what warm on the trip. There is also no seat belts in the back!! They didn't put belts in the back , back then. My 7 year old son has to ride up front where there is a belt. I could just go on and on. We own 3 buses and 3 beetles and 1 thing. My husband WORKS very hard to keep the ones that are drivable running and on the road. It is like having a second job, that is how much time it takes for him to keep them running. I have people tell me about once a month that they 'want a bus so bad'. All of you teenagers and people who drive EXSTREAMLY comfortable new cars... I know you think you want a bus.....but you really don't. You just like the thought of having one. Sorry I had to rant and vent a little. I don't think my husband or other Vw owners get enought credit for the work they do keeping these awesome little guys on the road. I could say more , but I am going to shut up now. Peace!