Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Threads Running Wild

We had such a Merry Christmas, I hope you did too. Still a lot of things going on while school is out for Holiday. Here is prOgress on my 'Mad Scientist'.

Here is one of the gifts my husband gave me. This book has the cutest patterns in it.

Here is one pattern that caught my son's eye. He loves Ammonites. (The little pink guy with the yellow shell in the bottom left corner)

So he decided he wanted me to teach him how to cross-stitch. He didn't last long, he got very frustrated and only got 3 lines done. He asked if he could go play and work on it later. :o) I'm hoping he'll do more little by little. I'd love to frame it one day and hang it in his room.

In other news. LOL I am taking the 'Totally Useless Stitch-a-long' over at "It's Daffycat". Here is a picture of my jar (which may change later when I find a cuter one) empty. No ORT= Old Ratty Threads yet. I like saving up my old ratty threads for the birds anyway, they use them to make their nest in the Spring. So by next Spring (2013), I'll have all kinds of thread for them.

Another big change in the subject~ My daughter and her boyfriend's gift exchange..... they have been dating for 1 3/4 years. And they are both big gamers. She gave him this cute magnet.

You know she had knee surgery a few months ago and just recently got off of her crushes. He gave her this cute shirt. LOL

She also made him this cute X-Box game controller. Her and her girlfriend made up a pattern and stitched it up. What a creative and great idea. I am so proud of her.

Hopefully I can post prOgress pictures of the Ammonites soon. Everyone have a wonderful New Year and be safe on New Year's Eve.


Michaelanneneal said...

Your "mad scientist" stitching is coming along nicely!!! I thought your son trying to cross stitch was so cute! I find cross stitch hard to do too..it is the counting! lol!!!! I love to do embroidery!Oh..we are going to start saving threads for the birds too:) That is a great idea:) It looks like you had a nice Christmas! Here is to the New Year, new friendships, and LOTS of crafting!!!!

Kathy Ellen said...

Congratulations to you on teaching your son to cross-stitch. My husband does the most amazingly beautiful stitching. He says that "If Rosie Greer, the big quarterback can do it, I can do it too!"

Wishing you and your family a wonderful and Happy 2012 New Year!