Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lots going on in December

December is usually so busy, but fun. I have finished my shopping and most of the wrapping so I get to sit back and enjoy the season. I've been watching lots of Christmas movies and listening to my Pandora Christmas station. Baking goodies and making things with my son. I've stitched a tiny bit , here is the progress on my Mad Scientist.

I've only done a few stitches on the sewing machine. I made a cap for the robotics team with some cute appliques on it and appliqued a logo on my sister-in-laws apron. ( She is a hair dresser) We've gone to a few Christmas parties. Ate lots of food and went to see the lights.

The picture above is my daughter and my husband. Aren't they so cute! My son pictured below finished his "Build and Grow" train.

Lowe's puts on a "Build and Grow" twice a month through out the year. The kids get to build things for free while you shop. :o) We've been taking Jonah for a while now and he has gotten much better. When we first went he couldn't drive the nail in by himself, that was probably 2 years ago. Now he reads the directions and can build things all by himself. We just watch him now.

We've made bird seed feeder this week with a few of the neighbor kids. I saw this cute blog on how to make them. I asked my husband to pick up birdseed while he was at Lowe's the other day and he bought the kind with big sunflower seeds in them. So they aren't as cute as the ones on this blog, but they turned out. And I bet the birds will eat them anyway.

It is camouflaged, but here is a heart shaped one hanging in the tree.

This one is a creature who's head fell off. LOL

Off to do some more fun things today. I think we're going to go paint pottery and bake some more cookies. The owl cookies in this blog post by Tiny Acron. I love her blog. And I love when my children are out of school. <3

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