Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stitching at 36,000 ft.

We flew to Missouri this past week/ weekend for our friend's wedding. The most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. Here is a shot of the wedding party.... my husband is the guy on the right end.  My husband dresses up about once every 10 years so this was a rare occasion.

Remember I stitched the couple this (last photo in the blog post)!  Well, I didn't make them a quilt because the groom's grandmother quilts. And here is the double wedding ring she made them.  I talked 'quilt' with her at the wedding. 

I did some stitching on the plane and in the airport.....and I have a thought/question about flying...

I had two security people yell at me " Do you have any lotion... finger nail polish in your bag? Because if you do, I WILL do a bag search".  I kept saying "No".  I was thinking "You are worried about finger nail polish when I have these crazy pointed  razor sharp gingher scissors in my bag?"  I understand why they want lotion/ polish out of the bag.  But if my husband can't bring his pocket knife on board... why CAN I bring these crazy pointed razor sharp gingher scissors on board? 

And as I was stitching 36,000 ft in the air ,on four different planes, the people around me were asking "Wow, they let you bring those on the plane?"
"Why.. yes they did" I said. "and I didn't have to pull them out of my bag, be search because of them or get yelled at because of them."

Why is this?



Anonymous said...

I always take my embroidery scissors with no problem.
Miss Paula in Stitches

blue star stitcher said...

I have never taken my scissors on a plane, I was worries the last time I flew that they would take my sewing needle away. I love the wedding ring quilt, what a great gift for the newlyweds.

Angie said...

I have been able to take my scissors as well. It is funny a friend of mine had a clover disc to cut her threads, and they will not let her bring that on board, but my scissors went through no problem. I am glad I am not the only one who gets weird looks from other flyers when I pull my scissors out.

Bits of Stitching! said...

Beautiful bridal party!
Oh my, cuteness of those tiny cardinals on your cross stitch wip... love them!
I've always been afraid of taking any of my sharp embroidery scissors and then having to get rid of them :-(... so I carry a nail clipper and sometimes my safety embroidery scissors. Never have had problems with the needles.