Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Start of Cardinal Winter

I'm trying to make two small ornaments a year for my little Christmas tree.  You can see the two I made last year here.... really, I made them this year, but we're going to call it last year.   I bought the pattern "Cardinal Winter" by Little House Needleworks awhile back. And since I finished my 'Very Scary' , I get to start something new.  

A little magic trick I do....and I have shared this with my stitching buddies.... I highlight what I've already stitched in the crowed areas.  It helps my eyes and I can see right where I'm supposed to stitch next.

Here is a picture of this adorable pattern and my progress. I fell in-love with the birds and the trees. I am a sucker for a bird.


In other news~ We're dying flowers for Science. (homeschool)

You can see a bit of blue starting to show up on this first flower. My son is graphing the progress.

 Tomorrow we leave for a friend's wedding.  I just had to show off my husband's artwork.  On my calendar I had written " We Leave on a jet plane" and drew a plane. This morning I sit down to read what we're doing today and I find this cute artwork under mine. He writes "Going thru security" and drew the people. It gave me a good, big laugh this morning.


Carin said...

I love your LHN ornament you are working on, I made it myself last year. And you did a wonderful job on very scary from LK, love that one !

Bits of Stitching! said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm so new at cross stitching and kind of scare to tackle bigger projects.
I have the LK Green Flip It set which I will love to stitch BUT I have no idea how to prepare/stitch the border (free on her website) without messing up the alignment :-( and if able get over that fear I may have to use regular aida fabric or something that has a similar feel so I can see well what I'm doing.