Thursday, September 20, 2012

All Kinds of Things to Share

              I finally went to the eye doctor after it took me 3 months to work up the nerve to call and make an appointment. I'm not kidding... I have a phone phobia. And guess what... I needed reading glasses.  I knew I did, that's why a made the call. So here are my cute new glasses. My husband says I look like a sexy secretary in them. hahaha. And my daughter says I look like a librarian.
I haven't done much stitching on 'Very Scary'.  My daughter said the moon wasn't scary enough so she drew me a new one. And of course I changed the color.

I've stitched a little on my August BOM.

I used 'So September's' pendant tutorial and made a bus pendant. I think my best friend and camping buddy will be getting this for Christmas. *wink

I started the new BOM at my local quilt shop, Quilting Adventures.  I fell in love with the Earth color way. ( They have 4 color ways available I think) I was going to go with a dark brown background, but yesterday I went in to the shop and spotted this cute batik. It is cream color and has daisy flowers all over it. LOVE.  So I went with it instead.

And last on the list to show.... I finally framed the wedding sampler I stitched up for our friend. The wedding is next weekend.... nothing like waiting until the last minute. LOL


Barb said...

Wow Amy, you have been very busy! I love the way your daughter did the moon. Plus all you other projects look great. Lovely colors on that quilt block!

Denise said...

Hi Amy just found your blog and I have to say all of your stitching looks amazing. I love the colors you picked for your quilt block.
Happy Stitching

Jantine said...

This is a lovely present you stitched for your friend! Lucky them!