Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Are Good and I Won

First off let me say We are Good! Sandy has pretty much passed us now. We didn't loss power, Thank God! I stitched by the fire during the storm.  My heart goes out to the folks more North of us.

During the storm I stitched up a Christmas ornament which will be a gift... so I hide the names. :o)   I still need to hand stitch the side seam. 

Making the ornament above gave me the idea to make my husband's boss an ornament for Christmas also.  He works for Mobility Supercenter. (their logo is pictured below). They always have a tree up for Christmas and I thought it would be cute for them to have an ornament with their logo on it to hang on the tree this year... and many years to come. 

Trying to make the pattern on graph paper......  is there a better way to do this? I'd love to know!  
I haven't started stitching it up yet.... when I do I will be sure to take some photos. 

And guess what.... I won twice last week!!  Crazy, I know.  I wasn't even trying.  I was just visiting blogs that I love. Over at 'Sew Much 2 Luv', Karen had a "Sew & Stitch Along". There were flickr groups for each week and you posted what you were stitching of the Holidays in the group for the week. I won week #2.  And this is what I won.... 
L*K's 'Gather a Harvest' pattern, Bent Creek's 'A Pumpkin Flower Sampler' pattern, Trail Creek Farm's ' Fall' pattern, 4 My Boy's 'Autumn Splendor' pattern and a pack of 18 count cross stitch fabric.   I received my package yesterday during the hurricane. It made my day!

Then Over at 'Crafty Sheep', Alexis had an '&Stitches e-zine Giveaway'. I received a copy of 'Scandinavia' ,Issue #4 from &Stitches.... Nicole & Carina. It has wonderful projects in it by some pretty talented people.

  I LOVE all of these ladies blogs.  


Barb said...

I'm so glad to hear you are safe. Looking at the pictures of the damage is breaking my heart. What a cute ornament!!

Denise said...

Glad to hear that you didn't loose your power and that you got to stitch by the fire, sounds nice.
Congradulations on the wins, Looks like you got lots of great stash.
Happy Stitching

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Wow, I am soooo impressed, Amy! Such cute ornaments and projects! Congratulations on your wins! Happy Halloween! Oh, if you are going to do some designing, look online at pcstitch (google it). You can download their software from the site and there are varying levels of design software, I believe. Good luck!

Michaelanne said...

OMG:) GOOD for you!!!! That is definitely something to smile about! Sandy passed us by as well..grateful for that!! I am sure you will put your gifts to good use!