Sunday, July 15, 2012

Too Hot to Sew

I have not been in the mood to touch my sewing machine. I think it is the heat. My machine was up stairs and I really didn't want to go up there, so I brought it down stairs and put it on the kitchen table.  But still nothing, I have to force myself to use it.   I really want to start the Mario Brother's SAL over on Cut To Pieces blog, but I am scared to buy the materials right now because of my lack at sewing machine interest. 

I have been hand stitching though. :o)  Always!   I put a photo up of my kiddos with their free slurpees from 7-11 on 7-11 just so I could give you warning again that I am about to post a  photo of the mystery sampler "Very Scary".   So if you are working on this adorable Halloween mystery sampler and don't want to have your surprise spoiled.....look away, look away!!

I've stitched up the tree and added some Fall leaves. I made my leaves less bright than the pattern called for.  We've got black crows. My owl still have no eyes.  The eye are supposed to be yellow, but I am scared yellow might be too bright for me. I'm not sure what I'll do yet for those eyeballs.  I've stitched up the pumpkins also, they are adorable, but I'll post a picture of the whole thing when I am finished stitching the whole part 1.

And for those who are interested in why I am homeschooling my son.....I put a tap up on my homeschooling blog saying why. Here is the link :

Happy Stitching!! 


Barb said...

We are in about the same spot on the mystery sampler. The owl's eyes look strange till you put the beads on,then they are cute. Speaking of cute, your children look like they are having fun!!

SewAmy said...

I went ahead and stitched the yellow eyes. They are crazy bright, I can't wait to get those beads on to tone them down a bit. :o)

Bits of Stitching! said...

I know ... when temps. sky rocket to the 90's and beyond I feel like doing nothing at all. Oh well, maybe sip on slushies ;-).