Monday, July 30, 2012

An Observation

I didn't stitch a stitch riding in the car to NC on Friday morning. We didn't make it camping and I'm so upset about it I could still cry thinking about it. All I'll say is Jaws is not doing well and we couldn't get there. So we decided to take the car and head to my husband's parents to visit for the weekend. Since we were already packed and he had Friday off anyway. It was a great visit with family. On the way back I was ok enough to do some stitching. I can't cross stitch in the car because my needle moves too much and I loss my place. Plus it is too much to try to follow a pattern in a bumpy moving car. I can embroider though. The lines are already on the fabric so I don't have to keep looking at a pattern. It is just lot easier.  Here is how much I got finished on the trip home.  Only a few placed left to stitch and I'll be finished with HocusPocusVille #6...

The observation is.... NC roads are much smoother then Va roads.  I stitched and stitched while traveling home on NC roads, but once we crossed the Va line I could tell a big difference.  I could hardly get my needle still enough to stick it in the correct place.  And the reason my whole HocusPocusVille #6 isn't finished is because of the Va roads.  I had enough time to finish , but my stitches were looking like a 3 year old stitched them.  So I put my embroidery away and here is what is left to do. 

Our next campout is in 3 weeks. Please sent some good vibes and prayers our way for my hubs to figure out what is happening to Jaws.  I am having camping withdrawals!


Jennifer Stumpf said...

That stinks, Amy! Sorry!!
Glad u got some stitching done. My car, after being repaired from the tree falling on it, didn't meet inspection and needs $600 of repairs not covered by insurance, so I am on foot until it's repaired. :-( I am spending today stitching and sewing to cheer myself up. Hope Jaws is back in business soon!

Barb said...

So sorry the camping got spoiled! You did get some nice stitching done. Isn't it funny about roads. I notice a difference in the roads form county to county. Some good for stitching, some not!!!