Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am so excited.... I picked up my part I of Lizzie*Kate's  Mystery Sampler "Very Scary".  There will be 3 parts and it's all a mystery so I won't be able to show much when I start stitching but I will give you sneak peeks.  Oh... and I will be changing up some of my colors because I want mine to look a little more scary. :o)

Here is a peek of my HocusPocusVille block #6....  I do have a Halloween theme going on.

It is around 100 degrees today so it was nice to stitch some snow. I ended up finishing my January block for my BOM.


Barb said...

I do love Hocuspocus!! A smart idea to stitch winter when you are hot!

Michaelanne said...

I really need to get going on some new Halloween stuff! I am going to be so jealous when all your HocusPocus blocks are stitched!!! I need more time!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Nice work, Amy. I'm excited to see the Lizzie*Kate piece!