Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting Ready To Camp

We'll be leaving for High Country Bus Festival in less then 24 hours.   I've made new pillow cases for the trip.  So I did finally sit down to my sewing machine this week and sew.
 Jaws, our bus has new back curtains. Sharks!!  Which I want to stitch, paint, or applique little 'frikin laser beams' on their heads so bad. LOL

I've added magnets to each corner to hold them down better. This will help the light from coming in in the morning.  Sleeping in!!  In the picture it is hard to tell what is going on, but it is the bottom left corner of the curtain and the magnet is stuck to the metal side of the bus.

Here is prOgress on #6 HocusPocusVille...

I added the owl's eyes to 'Very Scary'. I'd never beaded before and there are no directions in the pattern to tell you how to attach them so I 'just winged it'.   I've also never used a beading needle, that thing is bendable, not like an embroidery needle at all.   I've started the Bonus pattern in part 1 while I UNPATIENTLY wait for part II to come out.

Look what came in the mail today! I don't buy many magazines...I think the last one I bought was the Christmas Just CrossStitch from last year in the Fall, but I couldn't resist.

This is the pattern that made me want the magazine so much.  But let me tell you.... there are some many cute Halloween pattern's in the magazine that I'll never have time to stitch them all. Just adorable!

Camping Bound...... happy stitching.


Jennifer said...

Is that magazine pattern a cross stitch? It is adorable!

Kristi said...

Oh, your mystery sampler looks soooo good! Isn't that Halloween magazine divine? There are so many patterns in there I want to stitch!

Barb said...

Your Mystery Sampler is looking great!! I had the same issue with the eyes. In fact mine are coming a bit loose just from handling. I think I'll wait on all the other beads till the end. I'll probably have to redo the owl eyes! I had the same reason for ordering the Halloween magazine. I didn't get my copy yet. I think I'll stitch up that little town for my Grandson. I have done a Halloween project for him each year since he was born! Have a great trip!!!

Michaelanne said...

Love your sampler!!! the pillowcase and the curtains are VERY cute too!!! I have never seen that magazine before, but it looks GREAT from the cover!! Happy stitching Amy!!