Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Halloween Mystery Sampler ~ Very Scary (Spoiler Alert)

Pictures to give you a warning again. At the end of the post I have a picture of my finished part 1 Halloween Mystery Sampler. So if you are working on your and don't want your surprise to be ruined.... well, you know.

I love black-eyes Susans. 

On NPR the other day my son and I heard a story about a marine biologist who saved an orphan seal and wrote a book to tell the story.  We checked the book out today at the library and I am hoping to find time to read it to him this Summer.  Wish me luck! 
What are you reading this Summer?

So to remind you of what the part 1 package looked like, so cute.  And remember I changed a lot of my colors to look darker and spookier.  I did mess up a bit on the owl placement, but it turned out good because there was a bright yellow box around that brown leaf (supposed to be orange leaf). I ended up not adding it.... it would have been crowed there and too bright.  I haven't added the beads for the eyes yet because my embroidery needle is too thick to go through the beads. I need to find a beading needle.  So once I add the beads to the eyes, it will tone the eyes down.

If you want to see a finished part 1 with the correct colors you can go to Wicked Stitchers blog.   You can see how much lighter and brigher her's is and see the big bright yellow box I left out around the leaf.  Her's looks GREAT!

Happy Stitching


Kristi said...

Your Very Scary looks great! I haven't started mine yet. I like your changes, too, a lot. Very nice.

Kristi said...

Okay, and now I have a question. What's the color you used for the outside border, the dark purplish color? I really like the contrast against the lighter purple.

Barb said...

Hi Amy, Thanks so much for the compliment! I do love the way yours is turning out. Did you do the satin stitch all around without a back stitch?

Bits of Stitching! said...

That book looks sooo interesting, what a cute seal!
Please do post a review of the book to see if I can check it out of the library to read it together with my oldest dd (I want to know if the vocabulary and story fall into G rating - my dd is 6).

scarlette said...

Amy, i got one for you - immediately thought of you when i saw this , scarlette