Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A LOT going on the week!!!!

A lot going on the this week. My babies started back to school. They are on their second day and doing great so far. Here is Shelby , before the sun came up she had to be on the bus.
My little guy , Jonah. Is doing great getting up early in the morning so far.
A sneak peak at my stitching for the Tea Towel Tour. I drew my own design this time so I am a little nervous about it. I will show the whole picture and explain the madness when I am finished stitching it.

I put a quilt on the barn I paper peiced. and added a cow. This is the project that I can't tell you what it is for. sorry.

A page in my 'Wreck this Journal'. Peace.

Another stitchery done for my 'Bareroots' camping quilt. :o) The Mountains.

I am working on a new table runner, this one is for our home. A Halloween one. I am going to start quilting it this week, I hope. hahaha. I just love this fabric. I love Halloween.

And a new 'munki munki' print for me. :o) Still trying to collect munki munki fabirc. It's hard to find.


Dallas said...

The print on the wall in the first photo...I have that same one in my bathroom. :) Yay buses!

Cheryl said...

Wow, is the quilt on the side of the barn paper pieced, too? Very cool!

SewAmy said...

oh no, it's not peiced. I drew it on white fabric with sharpies. :o)


Hi --You have alot of projects going on at the same time--must be hard to decide which one to work on--- THE barn with the cow is soo cute and I want to see your Halloween table runner when finished--Hug, just, Di

GreenLightGo said...

whoa- that is a lot going on this week! I feel the same way. The VW bus and farm quilt looks amazing! and you sound like me about starting projects- I feel as is I need a few, just so I don't get bored with one, and I can always come back.

QuiltedSimple said...

Ok - I absolutely love the barn with the cow - is this a pattern you got from somewhere? Where can I buy one?