Saturday, August 6, 2011

FWQAL PrOgress

The parts for the camera came in and the hubs fixed it up. So I have a working camera again, yes. I was having camera withdrawal. Last week I stitched up block #17 (1) Cats & Mice and #18 (2) Century of PrOgress. I thought # 18 was going to be hard because of all the angles but it really wasn't.

This week I stitched up blocks # 19 (3) Checkerboard and #20 (4) Churn Dash.

Also I've started writing in my Farmer's Wife Sample Quilt book. The day I cut out and make that block I write what the weather is on that page or if anything interesting happened that day. Or what I thought of that block. Years from now it will be like a diary for whom ever in the family gets the quilt or wants to make one of their own.

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Jennifer said...

how fun that you are keeping a record of your process in the quilt book! that will be a fun artifact some day.