Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creative: All in the Family

I have a pretty creative family. We are always making something. My little guy just made dinosaur land last night. (with dad's help) It was all his idea though.

He has made a water fall for his dinosaurs in the back yard.

My daughter is so creative, she is always drawing, but these last couple of weeks she has gotten into making things with hemp. She made me a bracelet about 2 nights ago. Can you tell I love orange.

The hubs restores old VW's. He has been working on my Thing. He also does some crazy awesome things with metal. ( That's a whole other post in itself)

And then there is me. I've made my son a pencil case for school , with sharks of course. My son is shark crazy. (from the cash & carry pattern)

WARNING: Shelby don't read any farther, this is a surprise for you. For my daughter, I've been working on a bunting to give her for Christmas. It will have things she loves on it and sayings that she ALWAYs says.

I am thinking once she goes off to college ( in 2 years) she can hang it across her dorm room. "It's so Fluffy, I'm gonna die" from Despicable Me is one of her favorite sayings and one of my favorite movies. ( hand embroidered)

And she grew up watching Dexter's Laboratory. She would always say "Ooooo, what does this button do?" And point to her baby brother's belly button.

There are a few more I have to stitch up.... another one is from the movie Elf. "SANTA! I know him!!" Another one of my favorite movies.

So here is a touch of what we've been creating.... what has your family been creating?

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Jantine said...

The bunting is an awesome idea! Love the other craft stuff too, you are really a crafty family.