Sunday, June 8, 2008

Natural Bus 2008

We went camping!! Jaws, our bus, did not make it. We started out in her, but she just didn't have enough power, so we turned around got the RAV 4 and the tent. This is our first time at a "bus campout" that we didn't have our bus. Here is a picture of our tent. With the buses around it. Jonah getting ready to go jump in the lake. We STAYED in the lake the whole weekend because it was SO HOT.

Here I am with my good friend Dawnn, I got so sun burned. I will be hurting for days.
Men doing the dishes. :o) My hubby is the one on the left standing.
We are home now, we had a blast. Thank God for A/C.


QuiltedSimple said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time - I sew want to go camping this summer. And yes, you are red. Hope it's not too painful!!


Dallas said...

Looks like fun. We've wanted to go to that campout for a while, but it's just a little too far north for us -- from Atlanta. I think 6 hours is about as far as I currently try and go for one now. But Brew Bus is coming up, and we're going to that one. Yay!

Em said...

OMG - what a weekend for camping! It was SO HOT!!! I had my son's birthday party -cookout- inside on Saturday because I felt bad for everyone. I hope your sunburn gets better fast. I had 50 on me and the kids all weekend because they insisted they had to swim in the backyard. What lake were you guys at? It looks like you had a blast!

Emily said...

Looks like fun. :) It's always nice to be home after camping though.