Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taking A Tiny Break

In my backyard world

I love Spring and I love being outdoors during this time of year.
 photo 2fa2b240-9656-45b2-948f-3cb82f45cfcf_zps39b9f0dd.jpg

 photo ca743c7b-b4ae-4f0b-9ed9-a95d4df10dcb_zpsf91e5439.jpg

So, I've decided to take a blogging break to spend more time outdoors. I'll still be stitching... I love to stitch on my back porch. I'll still be reading my favorite blogs in the evening. I just won't be blogging the month of May.
I am on Instagram and will continue to post photos of my stitching there. So if you're on Instagram, I am amystitches .  With Instagram I don't need my computer to post a photo and you know I am a picture girl.

What I've been stitching...

 I've made a few of these 'project bags'
 photo eda1e980-6725-444d-927e-eec245253a75_zpsfb3ffa37.jpg

The pattern is 'Bridget's Bagettes' by Atkinson Designs (I made changes to the size)

 photo 37b3d20f-b47d-443e-976f-bd0e63340fbe_zpsfba7a1d1.jpg

I love the clear vinyl on the front so you can see what and where everything is in the bag.

This quilt inspired by a pattern called 'Busy City' by Empty Bobbin has been quilted
 photo 6f1d8767-c5e7-474e-9525-2311e70eda21_zps3a142b1c.jpg

and just needs the binding put on. It's a wedding gift for my best friend.  These are some of the Volkswagens they own.

I've been stitching flowers in a basket and loving it. The colors in this piece are dreamy!

 photo 2bda51bb-bb2a-4095-966d-43ff1afd0a52_zps4f8c0b5e.jpg

It will be a gift so I don't want to say what it is just yet.

What I plan to work on next...

I'm not sure
 photo cf8399d2-dfbe-4060-9e41-f8d209195769_zps6b54a4f7.jpg

But I have these two patterns to choose from. I may start the 'Strawberry Sampler' because I have the linen already. I still need to order my linen for 'Home Is Where You Hang Your Needlework'.

So goodbye for now. I will hopefully be back in June. Happy Stitching!! and Happy Spring!


Robin said...

Enjoy your outside time, Amy! You will be missed. I really like the project bags you have created.

Robin in Virginia

Jennifer Stumpf said...

See you on IM, Amy! Love the project bags & your stitching photos. Have fun in your yard & with your frog study!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

*IG, I mean! :-)

Margaret said...

You're not back yet...... :D