Friday, July 4, 2014

Hello and Goodbye

I've been stitching just a little.
The Monarch Butterfly is one of the things I have stitched.
I love him. I had never beaded before and it ended up being really fun.

 photo 41085319-31b2-470a-9beb-9fe6365705fd_zpsdb3cae2f.jpg

Another piece I stitched and finished is 'Always in My Heart'. Pattern by Heartstring Samplery.
I love the colors in this pattern.
 photo e226cc20-204d-4dd8-bcef-8b114bbb1166_zpsabe272f2.jpg

Geneva Joyce is my nana. She passed away in May. I stitched this piece and gave it to my mom on the day of my nana's memorial.
Here is a photo of the female Bluebird in our yard.  She was grabbing up worms to feed her babies this day. I haven't seen her in a really long time.

 photo 849f179a-98e4-4152-976b-e8e74b378312_zpsc14e1516.jpg

I wanted to stitch something with a Bluebird in it to remind me of her. I found this pattern by Snowflower Diaries.  ~ Perfect
 photo 958d05af-93b1-4b5d-87b1-6ed0453de396_zps029c2605.jpg

What I'm working on now is 'The Bee Skep' by Blackbird Designs.
 photo a3dfcba8-c660-4e70-8335-f41b0baee91c_zpse933400b.jpg

The brick in the building is what called me to stitch this piece. My dad, grandfather and uncle were all masonry bricklayers. My dad built every house we've lived in while I was growing up. ( 3 houses).  You should see the brick work in them.  :)

 photo b878ffc9-58f0-4bc1-a913-caf5db4d0b6f_zps98902f85.jpg

I've been working in my flower gardens a lot. I love it outside and have a real hard time coming indoors.  Even when it's 98 degrees outside.
My family and I have been hiking a lot lately too.
 photo 38e15b6b-130e-48ed-a2cc-e8e43885c462_zps7380f94c.jpg

We've hiked to 5 different waterfalls in June along. :)   Mother Nature is gorgeous!!

So, I'm saying goodbye again for awhile. I don't know if I'll be back or not.  I am still on Instagram and I am documenting my life through my Project Life. (which I love)
Blogging seems more like a chore to me now and life is too short for that.
I want to do what I enjoy which is....
taking pictures,
Project Life,
playing in the yard,
and stitching.


Jennifer Stumpf said...

I love seeing your work (and you know I love the new work posted on here!!) but I totally understand the blogging thing. It's fun for a while but it's tedious! See you on IG! Enjoy your summer. <3

Robin said...

Enjoyed seeing your pictures, Amy! Have a wonderful summer doing all the things you love!

Robin in Virginia

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

I'm feeling the same lately. I just never seem to have enough time to blog like I would like to and questioning if it's worth it anymore. ugh. I don't know the answer. See you on IG!