Monday, April 21, 2014

Bluebirds and Shamrocks

Bluebird Cabin stitched...
 photo d00fa2af-7357-4006-ab13-1d138e56f669_zps193fc12b.jpg

I love the two toned door and the house in this one... and of course the Bluebirds.
 photo 3c3c91ce-72d4-4834-9af3-77a4a4625550_zps8a64ec2d.jpg

I wasn't going to use the buttons but the owl button for this block is so cute that I am going to have to use him. (not pictured)

I finished stitching 'Shamrock Bunny' also.
Pattern by Homespun Elegance
Stitched on 30ct Weeks linen which I tea dyed a bit.
 photo d0d9afc6-1a0f-45f1-93bc-f1a9896e4088_zps4b6b8c77.jpg

I may stitch these buttons at the bottom but haven't decided yet. I'll be making it into a little pillow with my Heather Ross shamrock fabric on the back.

Most of my 'smalls' are Halloween or Christmas themed so I decided I needed another Spring one. This will make only my second Spring themed one.  I do love it. The bunny's tail is a bunch of colonial knots so it sticks up a bit.
A little peek of what I've been working on lately...

 photo 8f22bc44-a80d-484a-836c-b34726c24829_zpse5416a6f.jpg

I'm loving the colors in it so much! I can't give the details as of yet. It's going to be a gift and I don't want to give too much away.
In my backyard

 photo bf7589da-a4b1-4f3c-aced-5505be96cca7_zps026b80de.jpg

 photo 16b04281-48ce-476a-94c6-43cd0c1327a4_zpsdc44d905.jpg


Anonymous said...

sweet stitches! and what a beautiful bird!!!

Anonymous said...

sweet stitches! and what a beautiful bird!!!

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching. Beautiful bird photos too, so colourful.

Robin said...

What super finishes you have created, Amy! Love your bird photos.

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia