Thursday, March 27, 2014

Loving Every Stitch

Here is the progress I've made on 'She Feeds Them Well'
I've loved every single stitch.
 photo 4f9ba85f-8944-4147-a720-05a225cabbd0_zpsb7b35803.jpg

I've changed some floss colors. The shirt is one of them, it was supposed to be stripped blue and a cream color, but I love the color brown and wear it often so I changed it.
Also... I'm having to stitch a new (for me) stitch called the 'tent stitch'. It's called for a couple of times in this pattern and I'm still not sure I'm doing it correct but it seems to look ok.
 photo 4cb7261c-8ca3-4c3c-8469-75ce95b8ba4f_zps3e0a8441.jpg

You can see in this photo I've used the 'tent stitch' in the n , d , h and o.  It would probably be an easier stitch if I wasn't doing it on 40ct.  It is seriously testing my eye sight. lol

Frog and Toad update..
I am slowly cutting out frogs and toads to be sewn.
 photo cbe237a6-527f-479d-80fd-b9a40bd61e8d_zpsd296f994.jpg
I think I may be up to 24 finished ones now.
I may try to sew these little guys up tomorrow... that will give me 31. :)

Just for fun ~ Throw Back Thursday
 photo bf329820-67d5-4c96-98dc-d578499f2cc1_zpsf97f2663.jpg

I found this old photo from 18 years ago... me stitching.  I still stitch in the same place (not that bed but in bed)  and I still use that exact same hoop.  LOL

Happy stitching! Where do you stitch at??


Barb said...

What a fun picture!!! The tent stitch looks great to me! Can't wait to see the quilt come together.

blue star stitcher said...

I think I have the Frog and Toad pattern too, I got all my squares done on it and then never finished sewing them together--someday i'll get back to them. I like that you changed the shirt color for something more you in that piece. (and i've been stitching for almost 20 years and have no idea what a tent stitch is!)

Manuela said...

Lovely progress.

Greetings, Manuela

Robin said...

Super progress on your WIP, Amy! I like your brown top and your tent stitch looks good. What a neat picture! I tried stitching in bed, but it wasn't comfortable to me.

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Margaret said...

Love the stitching and the quilt! Love the pic too -- lol! I stitch in bed too! And in my stitching chair. Depending on the time of day. :D