Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scrappy Frog and Toad Update

All of my projects seem to be WIPs right now.
I feel like I always pick the most complicated and time consuming projects.
I guess it's what I like. 
I am still on block #10 of HocusPocusVille, 
I think I have 27 blocks made for my 'Farmer's Wife' and there are about 111.
I'm stitching 'And A Forest Grew' and it's pretty big. (I'm loving it so much)
Also I am on block #3 of Frosty Forest which will be a 9 month stitchery. 
And then I have my Scappy Frog and Toad...
Only 28 made.

 photo a6d8c892-6ada-4f61-9b65-6c2279f81088_zps9398b738.jpg

It's really called 'Frog Pond' but I changed the name because I love toads just as much as frogs. So I'm making my little amphibians look like frogs and toads.
 photo e9a670d7-8fb5-4784-b215-4596e7df390c_zps0f96ba3b.jpg

I've added a few frogs and toad on logs also...
 photo 850b6a05-358d-4fe4-93bb-c3318c1382d2_zps99e6c83e.jpg

but I'm not sure if they be in the center , middle ring or outer ring yet.
These guys are a tedious little block to made.
It takes me almost 2 hours to cut out and sew two.

 photo 6e6ea35a-5a52-45b0-9bd7-2b2f0fcf7b0b_zpse91791bd.jpg

But in the end, if that ever comes, I know I will love this quilt!

In my backyard...
 photo eeefef82-683e-4305-aa10-b05ccca2592d_zps6f4d19ae.jpg

We've had snow a few times.
I love a good snow but I'm pretty over it now and am positively ready for Spring.
I miss my chipmunk, the bees, the frogs and toads
the caterpillars and the butterflies.
I even miss the spiders.


Jennifer Stumpf said...

Your Scrappy Frog & Toad looks wonderful! I am so ready for Spring, too. We also have a spider crisis right not-- found a big one in our apartment and have him under a cup but it's too cold to put him outside. He'll turn to ice! What to do?

Barb said...

I love the fabric in your froggy quilt!! It will be so cute when you finish it! Keep warm!!

Manuela said...

Your Scrappy Forg & Toad looks fantastic. Nice colours.

Greetings, Manuela

Margaret said...

OMG!!!!! I so love this! It's wonderful! Just gorgeous!

Bits of Stitching! said...

Lovely blocks! It will definitely look awesome once done, especially with the toads addition!