Friday, November 1, 2013

Buddy the Elf

Yesterday I finished up "Elves' Workshop' which is block / month #11 of Santa's Village.
 photo 832d993e-cc9a-4005-8412-5767f059fa69_zpsa38c7395.jpg
Just in time for November and our last month.
BUT... while stitching my Elf  all I could think of was Buddy the Elf from the movie "Elf".
I LOVE that movie.
So, after I was finished I stepped back and decided I had to change him.  Call me crazy but I love him.
 photo e37443c4-ffef-4c81-9215-d6b8505695f3_zps23ff366d.jpg

Yes, I frogged some of the stitches out of my elf and changed him.

 photo w08ps8bmyaxucdar6l8jhqk7yot5tpj3_zpseeebb12b.jpg

Here's a photo of my whole Santa's Village so far...
 photo 221c6b87-e946-44d9-847a-6202bf4fa6b5_zps068a332a.jpg
 photo a6d875c3-a7b7-4629-8bbf-10e3d667d330_zpsa62c7e94.jpg

I am pretty excited about the next series called 'Frosty Forest'


Kristi said...

I LOVE your Buddy! This whole series looks incredible. <3

Barb said...

I love that movie too! Your project looks wonderful! What a cute Buddy!

Manuela said...

The Village is so great. Your little elf is cute.

Greetings, Manuela

Małgorzata Zoltek said...

Prześliczna wioska! Zakochałam się w tym wzorze i na przyszły rok muszę taką mieć! Twój Buddy super!

Margaret said...

OMG, that's wonderful! I love how you changed the elf. lol! I love the whole piece. Beautiful!

Barbara Tingley said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love your switch of Buddy instead...great idea!

Robin said...

I really like your elf changes! I, too, am looking forward to her next series.

Robin in Virginia