Monday, November 26, 2012

Traditions and Volkswagens

Hi and Happy Holidays! We had our picture with 'Rusty', our 1958 bus  for our Christmas card. It is our tradition is take Rusty every year to get our Christmas tree.232323232-fp54388-nu326--8----5-WSNRCG38565386632-nu0mrj

I didn't use either of these two pictures for the Christmas card, but I thought they were still good so I wanted to show them off and have them documented somewhere.
Our Rusty was actually sick this year and my husband thought he wouldn't be able to make the trip so we borrowed our friends 1956 beetle to fetch our tree. This beetle has my daughter's engine it right now so it was really like taking one of our own.

Waiting for the last week of the Kawii Winter Wonderland Countdown...I decided to stitch day 13's present teal blue.
Picture3256 I do love Holiday Traditions.... we have a lot, one being fetching our Christmas tree in Rusty. What are some of yours?


Barb said...

Your Kawii Winter Wonderland is looking great! I love all the colors. You have a very attractive fun looking family!

Jennifer said...

The family is looking good!

You know about a couple of my holiday traditions-- staying up all night sewing, never finishing a Christmas quilt.

There are the famous Hadlock family Christmas cookies, too. And playing dominoes. Candy cane pajamas. Goon food. Ribbon candy...

I love Christmas.

Wanna come over and stitch this week?

James said...

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Julie said...

You have a lovely family, enjoy your festive decorating.