Monday, August 27, 2012

Question ~~ Help!

I had purchased the 'Just Cross-Stitch' 2012 Special Collector's Issue Halloween.  There are a few cute Halloween ornaments I want to make out of this magazine.  And that awesome pattern called 'Town of Halloween' that I am too scared to make at this time, but hope to make one day...... anyway... the ornament I'm working on now is 'Spells' on page 66.

Here is my prOgress.....

I took at little break from stitching today and was browsing the magazine....looking at the other things I wanted to stitch.  I really want to stitch this cute ornament 'Rotten But Not Forgotten'.... here is the finished picture in the magazine on page 63.  But I can not find the pattern in the magazine. 

So my question is : Does anyone else have this magazine that can look and see if I am just missing it?  Am I missing a page?  What page is it the pattern on?  Help me please.

Edit: I went to the 'Just Cross Stitch' website to contact them about the pattern and I found a corrections link. I clicked on the link and there is the pattern. :o)  It was omitted from the magazine.

Mystery solved.


Michaelanne said...

Glad you solved your mystery!! I stink at crosstitch:( I always make a mistake when counting..It just seems so hard counting all of those TINY squares!! I wish you could teach me better:) Good luck on the stitching! It is very cute:)

Jantine said...

Glad you solved the mystery!