Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kiddos and Fall

       She's a senior this year and senior year is sinking in. We went and payed her fees, her computer was issued, she was fitted for her cap and gown, she got her class schedule and then she got her parking pass. And she SCORED with the parking pass.... we went to see where her spot was and it is right up front and center with the handicap spots. Now my baby girl has two bad knees, has had surgery on both knees so when we saw where her spots was... we were both so happy.

I've been trying to keep these two kiddos of mine busy while we wait for Fall to come. I love Fall! Jonah and I have been to the park a few times. I made him pose by my favorite flower.... the black eyed susan.

And I pose here with Mr. Gecko who goes everywhere with us.

I took the kiddos to see "Body Worlds"  at the Science Museum of Va.  It was very educational and they both liked it.

We've made rock candy....

And I've been stitching up my 'Very Scary'..... this is it in prOgress....

The blogs and Pinterested are all starting to have pumpkins and Fall ideas / decorations on them. The weather is starting to cool... I can actually sit on my front porch and stitch again.  Bring on Fall!!


Julie said...

I'm excited for fall too!
Very Scary looks awesome. I'm kicking myself for not doing it!

Barb said...

How exciting to have a Sr. I hope she has a great year!!!Little brother is very cute!