Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stitchy Goodness and A Proud Mama

Hello all my sweet stitchy friends. I finally put a back on one of my ornaments. I haven't stuffed him yet, but he is one step closer to being ready to hang when Christmas gets here. ( Have I told you lately how much I miss Christmas?)

But for right now, I am loving Spring. Here is my Christmasy back....

I received a new ornament pattern in the mail yesterday. I love this one and can't wait to start it.

I've been able to work on my HocusPocus Ville Block 4 a little bit. Here is the prOgress. I want to finish it soon so I can concentrate on some cross stitch patterns I've been wanting to do. Like the one above. :o)

So proud of my daughter. She applied for an award and won runner up. Over 1200 girls applied. It is an award of women in aspirations of computing. If you didn't know, my baby girl is a programmer and gamer. She is the one that helps program the robot for her robotics team. :o)
~~(she drew the dinosaur on her name tag~teehee hee). This picture is at the awards ceremony.

Her high school also had an award celebration. There were 3 girls from her school that won awards. NCWIT~National Center for Women & Information Technology

Here is my mom (her Mimi) and she at the award celebration.

I don't know if I am more proud of her winning or for her just applying. She applied and didn't even tell me until she asked if we could go to an award ceremony about 2 hours away. She said she was getting some award. I said "Heck Yes we can go!!" :o)

Well, back to studying hemostasis this week. This platelets are going to be the death of me. LOL


Michaelanne said...

How great for your daughter!! I would be SO proud too:))) Congratulations...She is so pretty too!

Jantine said...

This daughter of yours is quite something, isn't she. Of course you are proud of her, you better be!