Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hematology and Family

I've been studying this... really only the left row right now (above).

This.....and this....

I have a huge test tomorrow. Not much stitching going on.

But during Downton Abbey the other night (2 hours) I did get some stitching done. In other news, AKA~ the family.... My little guy has signed up for the 'Science Fair'. I am so proud of him. His topic is Fossils, rocks and minerals. He has a little collection of them. Here he is researching fossils for his project.

(Sorry for the awful, horrible, evil desk photo, it is the hub's desk and he works with metal/oil/ grease/etc.... I don't go near this desk unless I need to print something)

My little guy was also in the Pinewood Derby Race this weekend. Here is a photo of his car. It is actually a VW 'Double Cab'. That's my boy. His Derby car last year was 'Herbie' the VW beetle.

And here is my baby girl. ( She is taller then me,LOL) She is on a new robotics team and loving it!! Sparky Team 384!


Angie said...

Good Luck with your test! I hope you do well...

Michaelanne said...

Oh..I don't miss those tests!!! Is that A&P??? I can't wait to see more of your little guys Science Project..sounds very neat:) I think he and Zach would be good buddies:) Great job on the Derby car too...we aren't doing cubscouts this year..I kind of miss it:( Good Luck on the test!!!