Friday, February 10, 2012

A Pirate and a Bird

The stitching on my pirate is finished. Pattern from Sue Hillis Designs, Post Stitches. The pattern is called "Pirates Love Christmas"..... of course. I'm not sure if I am going to frame it or boarder it with fabric and make it a little wall hanging. It is a Christmas (2012) gift for our neighbors who do so much for us. The wife loves pirates and has the whole living room decorated in them.

Here is the new pattern I've started. The one where I've been showing the floss in my posts but not the pattern. We have a friend who is getting married in September. One of those friends who your child calls them Uncle even though they aren't and they are the 'emergency pickup person' on your children's school list. Well, he moved to Missouri to be with his girlfriend last year and now they are getting married! I am so happy for him! He is one of those great guys that deserves the best.

And the reason I'm not making him a quilt is because someone in his family has already set out to make them a "double wedding ring" quilt. He has a quilter in his family.

So here is the start. I love the little birds. The only problem with this pattern is so cute I might want to just put my husband and I's name on it and hang it on my wall. :o)


audreypawdrey said...

You are so quick at these! I have made minimal progress on mine this week. Love the pirates, and good for you for having a Christmas gift complete in February!

Bits of Stitching! said...

The wedding sampler is super cute... the newlyweds will be so happy to receive this! Perhaps you should stitch one for you and your husband :-).

Anonymous said...

You have LUCKY friends:) That wedding gift is just beautiful..You need to make one for you and your hubby:) Well done Amy:) How is school going?? Glad you still find time to stitch!!-Michaelanne