Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two posts in One

I've been up to so much lately...because my school is still out. Next week school starts back and I'm sure I'll have my nose buried in books again with no time to do anything else but study and eat. Today I have two posts in one, the first is about stitching and the second is about my organizing craze I've been going through.
In stitching news....I finished all but the pumpkin ( which I'm not going to stitch) on my 'mad scientist' stitchery. The name of this pattern is actually "Secret Lair" and it's by Bent Creek. I wanted to be able to hang it up year-round so instead of the pumpkin, I'm stitching a frog. (one of my favorite animals)

I've started a new pattern out of the magazine "Just Cross Stitch" Christmas issue 2011. I want to make some cross stitched ornaments for Christmas 2012. This one pictured below was so cute and small , I figured it would be a good one to tackle before school started and I could actually get it done.

I spent ALL last Thursday at my local quilt shop, Quilting Adventures. They hosted a sewing retreat. So from 10am-5pm we had uninterrupted sewing time! I got 3 of my Farmer's Wife blocks sewn. The top row, last 3 blocks to the right are the ones I made that day.

My organizing craziness: From my floss post the other day..... I am still winding up floss, but have probably only gotten 10 more done.

I wanted a way to display my children's good grade papers and art work, so I made the hubs hang some curtain rods for me. I've got some of my mini quilt swap quilts hang up right now, but the snow flake art was made by my son right before school closed for Holiday.

And this sweet picture was drawn by my son. He drew me a frog with a fly. I can't wait to hang the children's paper's up there so they can see how proud I am of them.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to get my recipes organized. I have recipes on all kinds of paper stuffed everywhere. I don't really use much of them because I don't know what I have or where I'd even find it to make it. So , I pulled them all out and I'm going to get these things straight.

I was searching on e-bay for a recipe box, but then went to one of my favorite shops ~ Through The Garden Gate and found this one. For $4.

I'm hoping to get maybe 2 written a week. I think that's a good goal. That will be do-able. This will lead me to make dinner more and us eating at the dinner table more together.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are on a roll! What are you going to school for??? Your farmer's wife blocks are BEAUTIFUL, and your stitching looks great...My fav, the cute little squirrel:) He is DARLING:) Enjoy the rest of your break!

Jennifer said...

that squirrel pattern is so cute!!!!

also, i can't wait to see your finished organized floss!

BeckySC said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog :) I appreciate it!

Your stitching looks great. The BC piece looks great and the ornament is adorable. I purchased the bottle cap for finishing on this one! I haven't stitched it yet-but look forward to it :)

Have a great day!