Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Floss Organized!

Ok, it's all done. I started organizing my crazy bags of floss a few weeks ago or more. And I'm done. They aren't pretty, but they are organized.

Box one starts at # 209 and box three ends with #3827..... with some blanks at the end. You know the floss where the number tag has fallen off and you have no clue what # it is. :o)

I had lots of duplicates and triplicates, I got rid of a lot, but some colors that I love (like brown) I just couldn't part with even if I had three.

These eleven aren't in the boxes because they are for my next project.... which I'll reveal on a later post. Ohhhh the suspense. :o)

Here is the 'get rid of' bag. What was left over, all the doubles, triples, and unwanted floss. The floss I just didn't care for because of the color so I wasn't going to waste my time wrapping them. This bag will be going to the Goodwill soon.

I also bought a basket this week (40% off , always love that) for organizing the whole bunch of stitching things that sit on my hope-chest in our bedroom. Now it isn't two piles of patterns, books, fabrics, floss boxes, etc. It's all in this one basket nice and neat!


Jennifer said...

little miss Organized!!!!!!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Wow. Looks great! My stash has taken over our bedroom and keeps growing. :-/

audreypawdrey said...

Looks so pretty! I just started stitching, which is so much fun, and I am already contemplating one of those organizer bins so that I can start off organized.

Anonymous said...

Well...You are IMPRESSIVE:) I have ONE small container..and it took me AWHILE to rewrap all that floss:) Good job, Amy! I had to smile tonite..so, YOU have a PUG too:)))) Great minds think alike:) hugs...Michaelanne

Bits of Stitching! said...

Organizing floss (or any crafty supplies for that matter)
;-) is one of my favorite things to do! They look lovely all tidy up in their boxes, the same for your patterns in your new basket!

Jantine said...

Well done, doesn't it feel marvellous to have it all organized again?