Sunday, January 29, 2012

Color Me Mine ( photo heavy)

About once a year or once every two years we go paint pottery. My son and I went this time over Holiday break. I didn't take my daughter because the plan was for me to make her a birthday gift. ( Her birthday was this January) The place we do this at is called "Color Me Mine". There are all kinds of things to paint, my son picked out a lizard / gecko this time.

He has a real gecko at home named "Geico", so he wanted to be able to hang this up on his wall.

Here is painted Geico drying. :o) I ended up make a Christmas ornament for our tree. This isn't the first time I've done this. And a light switch plate for my daughter's room.

On one side I put our names and the year, on the other side I put "Let's camp" with our bus.

I brought with me a game cover so I could copy Wall-E on the light switch cover. Here he and Eve are in progress

I even added the tiny cockroach in the bottom right hand corner. If you've seen this movie you know about the cute cockroach. So when you are done painting your masterpiece, you leave it there so they can bake it in the kiln. You have to wait a whole week to get your masterpiece back. The waiting kills me. lol

The end results..... here is my sons gecko hanging on his to his skull/bone collection. He has 4 shelves full of skulls and bones by the way.

Wall-E , Eve and the cockroach turned out pretty cute and my daughter loves them. They are now on her wall!

And my Christmas ornament! I love how it turned out. The tree and snowman (back) ornament are from years pasted. The tree ornament in 2001 was our first year married and our first Christmas together. LOVE!

And here are the fronts of the ornaments. They are all packed away now waiting for next season to come. They are some of my favorite ornaments we own! I sort of wish I had made one every year. Maybe I'll start. :o)


Ziggyeor said...

OH pretty. I was going past the pottery store the other day and was thinking I hadn't done that for awhile.

SewAmy said...

It is pretty fun. I just wish it didn't cost so much to do it or we'd be painting pottery more often. :o)

Anonymous said...

What a fun time!!! I have wanted to try out a place like that FOREVER, but we don't have anything like that up here in the boonies!:) Your son is SO cute! Ahem...I mean handsome:) and I must say I LOVE your Wall-E:) That turned out awesome!-Michaelanne

Phoebe said...

I love the Wall-e plate Amy! You're so talented. I wish you drew more often.