Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In My Hoop ~ and lots more

I can't show you all the things I'm working on because most of them are Christmas gifts...
but here is my start on 'Frosty Forest'. 
 photo 9db733d2-0baf-46fa-8b9b-c5df6c7f0127_zpsce63a867.jpg

I had to work my way down to the raccoon because I couldn't wait to stitch him.

My recent purchase is 'Woodland Birdies' by The Victoria Sampler.  If you didn't know, I am a little bird crazy / obsessed.
 photo 8291711d-f8b1-4826-8662-adbb4a7ed515_zpse212cf9a.jpg

I am going to try to stitch the owl for my son for Christmas. His favorite owl is the Great Horned Owl and this little guy looks like one!

Back in November I entered a blog give-away over at 'A Whole Lotta Latte'. Jacki likes to scrapbook and stitch too and she is very sweet and generous. She gave away 4 pieces of 40 count linen.
And guess who won...  me.
 photo 64c99e96-2e38-4fe0-8d64-8470841c5768_zps93342124.jpg

I'm so happy! I can't wait to stitch all kinds of things.  Hop over to Jacki's blog (she's also on instagram)  and check out her stitching. She is working on a Quaker Christmas design that is so gorgeous. I'm going to need to stitch it too one day.

Our Family Tradition
Every year we go fetch our Christmas tree in our 1958 VW Delux bus.
 photo 77cd7588-8256-48a9-9eeb-e69ca74e8f1b_zps938e0655.jpg

This year the kids talked me into letting them have a bigger tree. It's twice as big  as the trees we usually get. The deal was that they had to put the lights on because that's usually my job (and taking them off).
 photo 60b7d2a3-db17-4b86-b82a-11c8ffb0cef4_zpsf36d1e13.jpg
They did great!!

In my backyard,
 photo 1f4babb5-61b7-4705-af48-088ea9fe4c5c_zpsa90e2031.jpg

My sweet girl! Isn't she beautiful?!


Andrea said...

Frosty Forest is looking good. I have pulled the threads ready to start soon. Lovely new stash.

Robin said...

Your Frosty Forest looks super! Are you stitching them individually or on one large piece of fabric, Amy?

Robin in Virginia

PS Nice looking tree!

Barb said...

I love the bird chart! Great fabric. What nice pictures of your family. It looks like they did a great job on the lights!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I must say, I love that VW bus :)
And I love your tradition!

Margaret said...

Your stitching looks great. I love that bird chart you got too. Did you get the little tins that they go into?? Good for the kids getting the lights on the tree. Yay! Looking good!